SHOPPING 25 Christmas gifts to give to a teenage fan of fashion, from 7 euros – Here’s

A nephew to spoil? A little cousin who gives you no idea for her Christmas list? Teens are hard to please. Here is a small anthology of some gift ideas to offer to a stylish teenager this year!

It’s time to spoil your loved ones! The most difficult to please are of course teens. Whether they are our children, our nephews or the children of our friends, they are at an age where they change desires like shirts. Neither too children nor too adults, teens have great taste that must be filled without making them grow too quickly. Style and entertainment are central to their busy lives. So what gift to give to a teenager without taking the lead? Here is our selection of canon gifts from 7 euros!

What gifts to give to a teenager between 12 and 16 years old?

The good news is that fashion today is increasingly unisex. The cuts of clothes for girls and for boys are confused. loose t-shirts, maxi coats, sneakers non gendered… If the teenager you want to spoil is streetwear fashion fanchances are he or she enjoys these types of trends. XXL sweatshirt printed at Bershka, cargo jeans baggy fit at Kiabi, oversized down jacket at the house of Zara… the choice is vast. You can also bet on everything the sports locker room to be sure to please a teenager. Pastel jogging from Gemo or a pair of Old Skool Vans and voila !
The other strong fashion trend these days is the wave of motifs inspired by Japanese animation. Manga fill teenagers’ libraries and they proudly wear their favorite heroes on their clothes. We spotted a One Piece cap from Lead Paris, a Naruto sweatshirt from Undiz or a t-shirt inspired by the anime Demon Slayer from Célio. Impossible not to find his favorite work with all collaborations between brands and publishing houses right now !
Accessories are also popular and allow you to make thoughtful little gifts for teenagers who love fashion. We fell for the barbed collar of Silence + Noise available at Urban Outfitters, for the Casio translucent plastic watch and for the banana bag faux fur from Occasionally.

What brands are popular with teens right now?

What is the challenge when you want to offer a gift to a teenager? Satisfy your desire to be fashionable. In middle school and high school, brands rule the roost. To please a teenager without having to sell your shirt, gadgets and accessories are essential. And once again, we hit the streetwear style to be sure to hit the mark! For example, it is possible to get your hands on an Off-White Airpods case at 39 euros on or a Calvin Klein Jeans card holder less than 32 euros on asos. The fans of sportswear style will love owning a set of sports socks stylish Nike at 13 euros or a cap of the fashionable brand Patagonia, at 40 euros. A woven bracelet Zadig & Voltaire at 25 euros will delight the most chic!

Have a look on our special selection of Christmas gifts for teenagers to order before the holidays!