Spy Family: a release date for the promising new anime by the studio behind Attack on Titan

news culture Spy Family: a release date for the promising new anime by the studio behind Attack on Titan

Very promising manga, Spy Family will be transposed next April on our screens. A more precise date has even been formalized, so that a special poster for the release of the anime.


  • Spy × Family: season 1 dated, soon on Crunchyroll
  • Spy × Family, why is it promising?

Spy × Family: season 1 dated, soon on Crunchyroll

The Spy × Family poster.

Next to Blue Lock and of chain saw manSpy × Family is the manga whose first anime adaptation is the most anticipated. Already formalized for April on the occasion of the Jump Fiesta, the anime series was dated today by the official page on Twitter. It is even a new poster, which illustrates the double lives of each protagonist, which is unveiled for the occasion. Spy × Family will begin streaming on April 09 in Japan, and will also be during the fourth month of the year on Crunchyroll. As a reminder, two studios are mobilized behind this anime: Wit Studio and CloverWorks. The former is known for his work on the first three seasons of The attack of the Titans and Ousama Rankingwhile the second had a busy 2021 with Wonder Egg Priority, Horimiya and season 2 of The Promised Neverland. Moreover, these are not the only personalities that we will find at the helm: LiSA sings the credits of the beginning of the anime. She is known for her performances on those of Demon Slayer.

Spy × Family, why is it promising?

In addition to the cast of veterans behind the work, Spy × Family is a hit on the archipelago: the work produced by Testuya Endou has sold 4.9 million copies, a number synonymous with eighth place in the ranking of the best-selling manga in the world. Japan between November 2020 and November 2021. A success which is also exported to France since the manga has sold a million copies in less than a year and a half of existence according to the publisher Kurokawa, last February. He also explains that the last time a manga enjoyed comparable success without an anime adaptation was The attack of the Titans. And for the latter, we know the rest…

Finally, Spy×Family’s box is all the more impressive as its history contrasts with that of the usual best sellers. Here, there is no question of surpassing oneself, of powers or of fighting: it’s a manga that takes place in contemporary times where we follow the adventures of the best spy of his generation. To stop the cold war between the Republic of the West and the Republic of the East, he must get his hands on a precious document kept by the enemy. The prerequisites for a successful mission? Start a family. And his doesn’t turn out to be just any since his wife hides her profession as a serial killer and the girl he adopts doesn’t say she can read people’s minds. Comedy, humor and action on the program.

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