Spy X Family Is About To Launch Its Hottest Product Yet

Spy x Family is arguably one of the biggest new anime series of 2022, with the story of the Forger family seeing a spy, a telepath and an assassin attempt to form a perfect family unit while hiding their secrets from each other. With two The attack of the Titans statues causing a lot of controversy thanks to their “Not Safe For Work” portrayal of Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackermann, it looks like Tatsuya Endo’s animated franchise is getting in on the action with a steamy statue of Princess Thorn, aka Yor .

Whenever Yor becomes the Thorn Princess, her alter-ego considered one of the most effective assassins in the world today, she wears a black robe that puts her targets at ease, hiding the blades she wields. to accomplish his final blow. . Although she has done an admirable job of hiding her true nature from both Loid and Anya, she recently almost blew her cover when she attended a night of partying after Anya was accepted into the ‘Eden College. Drinking a fair amount of wine, Yor almost took Loid’s head off while fighting him, thankfully falling asleep before he could land a killing blow on her fake husband.

The Yor statue comes with a dressed and undressed version of the mother in Spy x Familyas the series continues to skyrocket in popularity thanks in part to the release of its anime adaptation which is being worked on by two titans of the anime industry with Wit Studio and CloverWorks respectively:

(Photo: Studio Atlas)
(Photo: Studio Atlas)

The first season of Spy x Family is slated for around twenty-four episodes, spanning a good chunk of the manga series, and given how popular the franchise is, we could definitely see it confirmed for a season two. With a number of Shonen manga hinting at their finales, including the likes of My Hero Academia and Jujutsu Kaisen, Tatsuya Endo made no reference to the Forgers’ journey ending soon. With some big hits like Demon Slayer, Dr Stone and Attack on Titan having already completed their manga series, the time has come for the Forger Clan to fill the void.

The steamy statue is expected to arrive later this year and will cost around US$230 for those who want to add this unique Spy x Family collection to their collection.