Star Academy in danger? “It’s not a good deal”, there are always doubts about a new season

The Star Academy 2022 ended on November 26, 2022. After 6 weeks of thrilling adventures, Anisha was voted the big winner. His new look since his victory has also caused a lot of talk. On the audience side, the comeback of the cult show was a huge success on TF1.

The assessment of the “Star Academy” is ultra-positive. We are very happy with the reception from the public and the way this season has gone. When, at the end of spring, Ara Aprikian decided to put Star Academy back on the air, it was a real gamble, for them as for us, and it was successful. The public responded. To be honest, we were almost surprised by the success of the daily. In the end, we fulfilled the audience bet and the editorial bet with the discovery of a new generation by viewers“, rejoiced Jean-Louis Blotthe president of Endemol France, in an interview granted to Puremedia.

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It is absolutely false. Nothing is signed

For the press, no doubt there will be a season 2.”We are in the process of taking stock of this season, to see internally what worked or not. We will know soon enough if there is an additional season. The program worked rather well, the scores on the dailies were quite good, the bonuses were not unworthy so i hope there will be a season 2 of star academy next year“, explained Jean-Louis Blot.

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As for those who announced that the next season was already signed, he wanted to answer them: “It is absolutely false. Nothing is signed“.”We communicate very little about our figures but frankly, for Endemol, financially it’s not a good deal. I hope it will be in the years to come“, he then assured.

Then star Academy will she return to TF1 in 2023? For the moment nothing is done!