Strasbourg: these are the best-selling books in bookstores in 2021

Book sales jumped 19% during the year 2021. In Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), three bookstores gave their nugget of the year to France 3 Alsace.

Despite the closure – for a while – of bookstores, the book market has been doing well since the start of the covid health crisis. In 2021, sales are up 19%.

There are several reasons for this increase. The success of comics (including manga), and the people who were able to take refuge in reading during confinement.

France 3 Alsace therefore asked three brands in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) for their best-selling book. These are bookstores The Camphor tree, It will bubble, and The Black Spot (to be found on the map below).

Le Camphrier and its main employee, Xavier Zimmermann

“We sold 478 copies of Apothecary’s notebooks, by Natsu Hyuga. It exceeds 330 copies of Demon Slayer, by Koyoharu Gotoge, but since its release, we have still sold 643: it’s the best seller in the history of our store [preuve de son succès, son adaptation au cinéma a pulvérisé le record détenu par Le Voyage de Chihiro au box-office nippon; ndlr].”

“We made so many manga sales [spécialisée en littérature asiatique, la librairie en vend beaucoup mais pas que; ndlr] because the manga … is better. More seriously, in my opinion, there are several factors. One of them is that in 2020, when we were locked up in our house, we all skimmed Netflix, etc. After a while you have looked at everything and you want to do something else. However, we all have books at home that we haven’t read. Many people have thus realized that they have forgotten that they like to read. “

“Beyond that, Netflix-style platforms realized, casually, that Japanese animation was very bankable. So they broadcast a lot. And since the parents were locked in with their teens at home, they watched with them. The generation of Club Dorothée realized that she had passed the torch, that their children too were watching animes [se lit animés; ndlr]. There was a fall in the intergenerational divide: you understand that yes, Papa was a fan of Grendizer. These parents and children therefore came to buy things together, in a dimension of sharing passion. “

“We see that people have gone back to reading in the family unit. Before confinement, the clientele consisted mainly of teenagers and young adults. Today, these same clients come with their parents. Who, before, stayed at outside the store by letting their offspring take a walk inside. Now they come home, ask for reading tips for their children … and for them. A whole audience realizes that the manga has evolved , it was intended for young teens when it arrived in France. Not anymore. These young teens have grown up, and want to continue reading it. This allows publishers to tackle more and more different and in-depth themes: we is far from the time when there was only Akira and Dragon Ball.”

“The manga has become one of the main elements of soft-power Japanese. It is the Japanese dream in the face of an American culture which has become a little out of date after having made previous generations dream: you only have to see at the level of video games. “

It will bubble and its manager, Frédéric Tousch

“I’m not going to give you the title that has sold the most, because it will be a bit tricky: I think we are all going to have the same one, it will be the last Asterix. We will instead highlight the title of a Strasbourg publishing house, 2024. We liked it a lot The Great Void, by the very young Strasbourg author Léa Murawiec, who nevertheless made a quarter of the sales ofAsterix, by exceeding 120 copies. It’s a great book, his first comic [voir un gif de BD ci-dessous; ndlr].

“It pushes the idea of ​​social networks far by imagining a world where when you do not think of you, well you slowly begin to disappear … Notoriety therefore becomes truly essential. Its heroine, a young woman named Manel Naher, has a small problem when the new fashionable singer has the same name as her. Her relatives no longer think of her, but of this singer. She therefore begins to slowly lose her consistency, and to go towards this Great void. . “

“It’s graphically splendid since this young author is well in her time. She has digested all the codes of manga, more classic comics, social networks … It’s incredible. It’s a book one little UFO, that we have really defended a lot, even if it is not very general public. It is graphically very interesting, and its message speaks to us. pitch to people, they are immediately intrigued. And we wonder what we become with these social networks, which make some a little crazy Where plotters.”

The Black Spot and its boss Eric Schultz

“The best seller, but by little, is The Crime of Gutenberg, by Jacques Fortier, editions – local – of the Verger. It is part of the collection of Rhine surveys. What’s interesting about this author is that he sells very well. “

“I think that this is explained by the regular people who buy each year, as well as the people passing through. But I also think that it is explained by something else: the context in which we are, with the covid and company. People need reassuring things. No bloody or terrorizing investigations. “

“There is a very strong increase in sales of cozy mystery – quiet surveys – with things that we know and which are reassuring. Proximity [principe repris avec les Petits meurtres d’Agatha Christie délocalisés dans le Nord, diffusés avec grand succès sur France 2, voir gif ci-dessous; ndlr].”

“I think Fortier fits in, and that’s why we have so manyRhine surveys in our best sales. This Fortier book has sold 60 copies since its release at the end of October. He is followed by a Quebec author, one of our favorites: André Marois with Welcome to Meurtreville, 56 copies sold since March. It’s also a thriller with a good dose of humor – noir. It confirms this appreciation of the lighter-than-atrocious stuff. “