Superhero Manga Series ‘SHY’ Channels Its Heart With Anime Adaptation Announcement

Move over Deku and push aside One Punch Man, because a new heroine is about to lead the next generation of anime superheroes – and her name is SHY!

Source: SHY Chapter 44 “What Awaits Us” (2020), Akita Shoten. Color Spread by Bukimi Miki

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Written by mangaka Bukimi Miki, SHY follows the growth of the titular fourteen-year-old heroine, Shy, who, with the help of her friends and teammates, faces her greatest fears, insecurities, and the pressure of her role as Japan’s representative hero in order to become a true flamboyant heroine whose heroic deeds can inspire those around her.

Her growth truly begins the moment she succeeds in carrying out the failed rescue of a civilian during her first encounter with the evil Amalareiks, an army of resurrected children who become slaves to their dark desires and strive to create a world without adults. A world inspired by Neverland.

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Source: SHY Chapter 8 “Heartless” (2019), Akita Shoten, Color Spread by Bukimi Miki

The series’ next leap to the small screen was first confirmed to be in production on October 5 with the launch of the official release. SHY anime site.

Additionally, the series received its first trailer from the production studio. 8bit (that time I got reincarnated as a Slime)giving SHY his official anime debut with a brief recap of his transformation sequence.

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The next day, SHYAkita Shoten’s in-house magazine Weekly Shounen Champion has released a new color series by Miki illustrated in honor of both the anime adaptation’s announcement and the release of the series’ final volume.

In the color scheme, Shy can be seen standing front and center wearing a cute dress and holding a bouquet of flowers. To her right and holding a turkey leg is her best friend Iko Koishikawa, while to her left, a bottle of booze in hand, is Shy’s mentor and Russia’s own hero, Pepesha “Spirits ”Andreanof.

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Source: SHY Weekly Shonen Champion Number 2658 Color Spread (2022) Akita Shoten. Art and words by Burkimi Miki.

In a visual teaser for the anime posted on her newly opened website, Shy can be seen converting her pure Heart Power into passionate flames while next to her stands her civilian alter-ego, high school student Teru Momijiyama.

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Source: SHY Teaser Visual (2022), 8 bit.

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In commemoration of SHYFor the anime’s announcement, Miki took to her personal Twitter account to share new artwork of the titular heroine and her sidekick N-Villoia, along with a heartfelt message for fans.

“I would like to thank all of you who have supported and helped me in my work SHY so far,” exclaimed the mangaka. “Thank you for being born…!”

“I’m sure Shy herself is nervous to death about the anime adaptation,” she added. “But if his hard work can encourage as many people as possible, I couldn’t be happier! Let’s all take advantage of the dynamism of Shy, who has become 100 times bigger, and her embarrassment…!”

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Source: SHY Special Illustration, Bukimi Miki’s Twitter

Receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to the news, Miki shared another image of SHY and expressed his gratitude to fans for their continued support of the series.

“Good evening and thank you for all your support, SHY will be animated,” said Miki. “It really is entirely thanks to all of you…. I will shamelessly continue to do my best for you to enjoy!”

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Source: Bukimi Miki’s Twitter

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