Tanjiro is the most powerful hunter in ‘Demon Slayer’ by Breath of the Sun – how does it work?

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The protagonist of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro Kamado, has a different breathing style than the rest of the demon hunters in the anime: we explain why and how it works.

In the history of Demon Slayer, the characters who carry swords to eliminate demons are characterized by having different styles of breathing reflected in their technique and in their sabers.

However, the most striking style is that of the protagonist Tanjiro Kamado, as the Breath of the Sun gave him special abilities and a different color to his sword.

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According to the story of Demon Slayer, the sword of the demon hunters changes color according to the personality and fighting style of the wielder.

When Tanjiro received the sword, Hotaru and Urokodaki expected the weapon to turn red as a symbol of good luck, but instead it was painted black.

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According to the rumors of history, the black Nichirin swords were a sign of bad luck for their wielder, as it meant that they would die young in their career as demon hunters.

However, Tanjiro is the exception to the rule, as his sword did not turn black because he was destined to die young, but because of the combat style he uses, the Breath of the Sun.

The Breath of the Sun was created by the hunter Yoriichi Tsugikuni and is the origin of the rest of styles; that is why the sword acquired a black color, as it is the combination of all fighting techniques.

The rest of the styles (water, fire, thunder, wind, etc.) were created by Tsugikuni’s disciples as they could not match the abilities of their master.

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However, the Breath of the Sun survived thanks to Hinokami Kagura, a ceremonial dance passed down for generations in the Kamado family until it reached Tanjiro.

The protagonist of Demon Slayer He learned the technique from a young age, perfected it, and passed it on to his sword to use against his opponents.

How does the Breath of the Sun work?

Despite being a unique technique, Sun Breathing works with full concentration breathing, just like all other styles.

Thanks to the total concentration, the demon hunters absorb more oxygen and reach a superhuman level that allows them to exploit their abilities against enemies.

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Because the Breath of the Sun is the technique from which the rest of the styles are derived, it has 13 forms of combat designed to replicate the energy of the Sun.

The first form called Dance is a basic technique to which Tanjiro added Thunder Style modifications to perfect it.

The thirteenth is a complicated move in which the first 12 forms have to be performed in succession and was designed to defeat the first demon Muzan Kibutsuji.

The rest of the forms are movements that can be adapted depending on the situation, the rival and the demon hunter, although Tanjiro is the only one capable of controlling the Breath of the Sun.

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That is why Tanjiro’s Breath of the Sun is unique and so special in Demon SlayerIt is the result of a family inheritance that made him the most powerful demon hunter.

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