Tenevi Cosplay becomes Shinobu Kocho, the insect’s mainstay in Demon Slayer

The second season of the anime Demon Slayer is currently airing and the cosplayer Tenevi_Hagane celebrates it with their costumes. This Russian cosplayer is a huge fan of the Kimetsu no Yaiba anime, which is why she has played various characters such as Nezuko Kamado, Mitsuri Kanroji and now Shinobu Kocho, the pillar of the insect en Demon Slayer.

For Shinobu Kocho’s session, Tenevi Cosplay She was accompanied by some of her friends, who played Tomioka, Zenitsu, and Kanao. Once again the photographs were taken by Kalugina Ekaterina, who has a very extensive portfolio of Kimetsu no Yaiba cosplays on his social networks.

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Shinobu Kocho She is the mainstay of the insect in Demon Slayer, making her one of the strongest demon hunters. His successor will be Kanao Tsuyuri, his adoptive sister who became a demon hunter at the same time as Tanjiro and Zenitsu. On this occasion, Kanao’s cosplay was made by @ caxarok.o, who has also made Tokito, the pillar of the mist cosplays.

Giyuu Tomioka He is the mainstay of water in Demon Slayer, which is why he is also one of the strongest demon hunters in all of anime. Tomioka is the first pillar that we know and in the photo session with Tenevi Cosplay who dressed as the character was Katrin Kalugina.

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Tenevi Cosplay also took a picture with a cosplayer dressed as Zenitsu, another of the main characters in Kimetsu no Yaiba. Who played Zenitsu in this session of Demon Slayer was Nadezhda Dushchenko, another cosplayer fan of the work of Koyoharu Gotouge.

These are just some of the photos that were taken Tenevi Cosplay with his costume of Shinobu Kocho, so if you liked them, I invite you to visit his Instagram account, where he shared more samples of this session. This cosplayer He has also played Mitsuri Kanroji, the pillar of love, and his Nezuko Kamado cosplay is one of the best.