That’s how impressive Nami would be from One Piece with the style of Dragon Ball, Naruto, Demon Slayer and other anime

At this point in life many of you will already know that manga authors have completely different styles from each other, this being something extremely advantageous when it comes to make a difference from other works. This is something that can be seen for example with Dragon Ball, so that, whatever the character, with a simple glance we could appreciate that it is something that came out of Akira Toriyama’s mind.

Under this premise, one of the longest-lived anime and manga series also has its own style such as One Piece, thus giving rise to its characters having a style and characteristics of Oda. Nevertheless, there are fans who are in charge of adapting the characters of anime and manga to other works, as may be the case of showing what Goku would be like if he were a Naruto character. And in that sense, Nami has been the last character to join this, as you can see in the following image:

In this way, you can see that the original character of One Piece has been adapted to the styles of Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto, My Hero Academy, Attack on Titans and Demon Slayer, being, in fact, very successful designs from original works.

It is worth mentioning that the character of Nami is not new in this aspect of the drawings and arts made by One Piece fans, since in the past it has been possible to see how this character has adapted to RPGs in the same way as we have been able to see her with clothes of different festivities, as has been the recent fan-made Halloween design.

Be that as it may, the fans once again show their enormous talent when it comes to emulating the way of drawing of many mangakas. Also, it should be noted that, most likely, this trend of adapting these characters to other animes is far from disappearing, so we are waiting to meet who will be the next to receive a redesign.

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