The 10 Best Anime Of Winter 2022, According To MyAnimeList

With a good mix of wholesome slice-of-life anime to thrilling conclusions to action-packed shows, anime in 2022 is off to a great start. On MyAnimeList, dedicated audiences around the world have already made their voices known through their ranking of some of the best anime of the season.

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This anime winter season was a hit with anime fans, which hopefully set the tone for the rest of the year. Between returning favorites and the beloved new series, the winter anime started out strong. Whether the rest of the year will be just as good remains to be seen. However, it’s good to know that this season’s anime was pretty awesome.

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest Season 2 – 7.03

Character Arifureta S2 Poster

The second season of the hit action comedy isekai anime Arifureta is here, and it’s been a long time for fans of the series. For unsuspecting audiences, the story is about a student named Hajime who was transported to another world alongside the rest of his class. However, his class doesn’t like him at all and leaves him to fend for himself in this new world.

It’s one of many isekai shows that grew out of the still-ongoing trend of isekai, but it seems to have a bit more enduring power than most. It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but anime fans love their “junk” anime, and most isekai fill that niche quite well.

Sabikui Bisco — 7.38

Sabikui Bisco Two main characters

When a strange and ominous wind winds its way through the dry deserts of post-apocalyptic Japan, it leaves nothing but rust in its wake. Considered a monstrous type of mushroom spores, these mushrooms are feared. However, a young man named Bisco Akaboshi is spreading these mushrooms across the land with special arrows.

While people see him as a destroyer, his goals are actually to enrich the land with mushrooms and make Japan livable again. Sabikui cookie is a surprisingly weird show with plenty of unexpected gruesome moments, but retains a strong shounen core to satisfy anime fans.

Realistic Anime Heroes Two Main Characters Planning

Speaking of successful isekai with a second season, How a realistic hero rebuilt the kingdom got its second season surprisingly quickly, and that’s thanks to its relatively unorthodox premise. Instead of a hero gaining success through a set of overpowered abilities, it’s with something more exciting: innovative socio-economic policies.

Yes, this anime is about a pragmatic student who uses knowledge of modern socio-economic policies and military strategies to navigate his way through this fantasy world. realistic hero is an intriguing take on the isekai genre and should appeal to people who find the administrative side of power more interesting than fighting for it. Of course, there are always fights, so that’s fine.

The Prince’s Genie’s Guide to Getting a Nation Out of Debt — 7.40

Genius Prince Anime Characters Having a Conversation

A little like realistic hero, The Prince’s Genie’s Guide to Getting a Nation Out of Debt focuses on political intrigue more than a singular hero defeating massive monsters or armies. contrary to realistic herothis one is a simpler fantasy and focuses on managing the budget of a smaller kingdom.

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Also, for those who know the tastes of Suzerain Where Evil Tanya the hero of this story, Prince Wein, is more interested in keeping his head out of big business and living a peaceful life. Unfortunately, fate smiles on his vain attempts at peace and only gives him more impossible tasks to be a “hero”, much to his dismay.

Sasaki to Miyano — 8.04

Sasaki to Miyano Couple walking together

Sasaki to Miyano is a wonderful LGBTQ story that manages to be popular thanks to its wholesome premise. Sasaki to Miyano is about a boy named Yoshikaku Miyano, a normal high school student whose life changes forever when another boy named Shuumei Sasaki rescues him from a group of bullies.

Soon, Miyano’s secret love for Boys Love the manga is revealed to Sasaki, but instead of the contempt Miyano expected, Sasaki also shows interest in the books. More importantly, he seems to show some interest in Miyano himself. Sasaki to Miyano is a wonderful coming-of-age romance with a lovely dynamic. Honestly, it’s just nice to have a BL anime that doesn’t fetishize the characters.

Teasing Master Takagi-San Season 3 — 8.46

Takagi-san teasing master

The third season of these two adorable kids continues as Takagi teases Nishikata for a third season. If you’ve never followed the series before, there’s no better time to start than now. After all, it’s not like it’s a political thriller or anything. Takagi-san teasing master is a fun, charming and timeless romance.

Takagi and Nishikata’s dynamic is a great example of how a simple premise can last so long when the characters are very well built. Not to mention, the hijinks Takagi does to play with Nishikata’s super-duper clever plans are always good for a laugh.

The Vanitas Season 2 Case Study — 8.21

Vanitas Season 2 Promo Photos Case Study

The Vanitas Case Study brings vampire anime back into fashion with the second season of which continues the story of Vanitas and Noah in a fantasy version of France. In this season, they are on the hunt for a mystical and enormous wolf creature called “The Beast”, who has slaughtered hundreds of innocent people in his bloodlust.

The Vanitas Case Study is a fun supernatural anime for weebs and francophiles. Fun fact, France is actually one of the biggest consumers of manga and anime in the world outside of Japan. Not to mention that Japan has always been fascinated by the romantic periods of France, so this anime feels like a perfect blend of cultural identities, which is perfect since the author of the manga the anime is based on, Jun Mochizuki , created history. after a trip to France.

My darling in disguise — 8.36

My-Dress-Up-Darling-Marin-Gojo Angry Sailor

My darling dressing is the first slice of life rom-com of the season. The series is the most popular winter 2022 anime that is not a sequel to a mostly action-based fantasy series. Wakana Gojou is an average (but strangely tall) high school student with a secret passion: he loves Hina dolls. Gojou comes from a long line of Hina doll artisans, and he shares the same family passion.

One day, Marin Kitagawa, a pretty, popular girl in his class, stumbles upon him making a dress for one of his dolls. Instead of being ashamed like in her childhood, however, Marin reacts happily and excitedly asks Gojou if he could help her with a cosplay she was working on. Thus begins the wacky but touching journey between these two enthusiasts who find common ground in cosplay.

Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc – 8.90

Demon Slayer Entertainment Arc character action poster

May be the the most publicized arc of the demon slayer saga again, this arc takes place right after the devastating Mugen train incident. In this arc, the heroes work with sound mainstay Tengen Uzui, who enlists the help of Tanjiro Kamado, Inosuke Habishara, and Zenitsu Agatsuma to find his three wives who have disappeared after an investigation gone wrong in the Entertainment District. of Yoshiwara.

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Ufotable is pulling out all the stops this season, featuring some of the series’ most impressive animated fights to date. That’s saying a lot considering the growing hype with each subsequent season of demon slayer gets. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching demon slayer yet, there’s no better time to jump on that hype bandwagon than right now.

Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Part 2 — 9.08

Mikasa and Eren in Attack on Titan

The last season of the the biggest anime phenomenon of the 2010s, The attack of the Titansit’s The final season ramps up to answer all of the fan questions and deliver some of the show’s most devastating arcs to date. While reactions to the ending itself are “polarizing” to say the least, the build-up so far has kept audiences glued to screens.

For those who don’t like spoilers, The attack of the Titans has long since outgrown its original premise of mere survival against a mysterious threat. Now it’s become an action-packed thriller between two major factions that could dictate the fate of the world itself. If you’ve seen any of the memes from this, they’re honestly far from over the top. Yet these are some of the The attack of the Titansthe best episodes of the series so far.

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