The 10 best animes of 2021 to discover on Wakanim

Anime streaming platforms are increasingly competitive. Each tries to have a good share of the market, by highlighting interesting and rare animes. For others, it will be the criterion of exclusivity that will prevail. As such, Wakanim gets away with several animes that he has proposed during the year 2021. Here we offer you the best animes of 2021 to find on the platform.

Credit: 1wf1

1- Demon Slayer: Infinity Train and season 2

After a season 1, which had captivated us as much for its story as for its characters, the sequel to Demon Slayer was eagerly awaited. In addition, the success of the film The Infinity Train had created a huge hype among fans who were eager to discover the continuation of season 2. The latter started in October 2021, continued the adventure of Tanjiro and his friends in a new arc. Our heroes meet new Muzan henchmen there, and we learn more about the Hashira’s abilities. You can find on Wakanim the movie the Infinity Train and season 2 which is currently underway.

2- Vanitas’ memories

Vanitas Memories is a fantasy and supernatural shonen. We are in a world populated by vampires and humans. Noah a vampire, sets out to conquer a cursed grimoire. According to legend, this grimoire would be able to curse vampires. Unfortunately, Noah will be attacked in his aircraft. But unfortunately something is good. He will end up in the office of a doctor named Vanitas, who holds the famous grimoire. The two men will then share the hope of lifting the curse weighing on theirs. The first two seasons are available on Wakanim.

3- Megalobox 2: Nomad

Megalobox comes back to us 4 years after the success of the first season. Joe had won the Megalobox Championship. In Season 1, his rage to win was driven by the desire to show socially rejected like him that they could achieve their dreams. 5 years after the events of season 1, Joe decides to put the gloves and the exoskeleton back on. But this time it will change its name. From now on he will be called Nomad. In addition, it will find its strength in a new philosophy of life: the submission of man in the face of the enigma of life and death. It will inspire him to give us the best of himself in the ring. Find the entire season 2 on Wakanim.

4- SK∞ the Infinity

It’s the story of a friendship between two skate enthusiasts. Langa left Canada for Japan, and has not recovered from the change of framework. Plus, he hasn’t made any friends yet. His meeting with Reki will introduce him to skateboarding. But, it will not only be a question of going down a few ledges and ramps. Reki will make him discover the “S”, an illicit race where dangerous obstacles are set up. Langa, who has never skated, will therefore have only one desire: to descend from this mountain where anything goes. Season 1 is available on Wakanim.

5- Ranking of Kings

In Ranking of Kings, the ranking of kings is done according to the courage and heroism of the kings. Bump ranked 7e king is at the gates of death. His heir is his son Boji, a deaf-mute and very frail child. In order to maintain the kingdom’s position in the ranking, members of the court and even the common people will not want Boji as their ruler. His meeting with Kage (Ombre in French) will be a game-changer. Boji will not only earn a precious friendship, but also break away from societal prejudices to claim the throne.

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6- Link Click

Lu Guang and Cheng Xiaoshi are two friends who run the “Time Photo Studio” store. This shop in its dismal air is the place of expression of the powers of its owners. The anime is only in its first season, but has approached time travel in an unexpected way: through photography. This puts the protagonists in a dilemma: on the one hand the frustration of not being able to modify the past, and on the other the resolution to carry out the last wishes of the deceased. In addition to the first season, you will find an OAV of the series on Wakanim.

7- Sonny Boy

Sonny Boy looks like a Battle Royale. To contextualize it, events take place within a college. Nagara and her friends, by some inexplicable means, are going to be stuck in another parallel dimension. But the worst thing in history is that some students will end up with powers and others not. Mistrust then spread like wildfire. Students with powers take the opportunity to impose themselves, while others want to find a way to return to real space-time.

8- Mars Red

We are in 1923, in the Taisho era. Tokyo is rife with vampires. The latter keep swelling their ranks thanks to a strange Ascra virus. In order to contain the evolution of the vampiric population, the Japanese government decides to set up a special “Code Zero” unit. This special unit is made up entirely of vampires. In addition, it was initially set up for intelligence. But a new mission will be assigned to him: to put out of harm’s way the vampires and the Ascra virus.

9- Mieruko Chan

Miko Yotsuya is not as fragile as her physique suggests. The young girl sees monstrous shadows that she is the only one to see around her. But rather than run away and indulge in dementia, or even fight against these shadows, Miko is going to be stoic about the situation. She perfectly ignores monstrous shadows, and tries to live normally. But is it possible to be normal when you are constantly bullied like this? Find the very first season in full on Wakanim.

10- The Promised Neverland

The first season of The Promised Neverland gave us a smack. Seeing children rallying against adults and monsters was fascinating. After escaping Gracefield House, Emma, ​​Ray and the other children venture into an unknown world. They will not only have to fend for themselves, but also learn the complexity of their new environment. The pace of this second season is faster than the first, which may confuse readers of the manga. They will also note the absence of certain arcs which have been rushed. Despite this, the thriller side of the anime is present.