The 10 fastest Demon Slayer characters, ranked

Demon Slayer is a highly successful shonen series starring Tanjiro Kamado, a kind boy turned monster hunter who is on a quest to restore humanity to his sister Nezuko. Along the way, Tanjiro meets many powerful new allies and foes alike, from the Lower Moons to the elite Hashira. They are all deadly fighters.

So far, the characters in the Demon anime Slayer In particular, they can be roughly classified not only by their brute strength or tactical abilities, but also by their sheer speed. Some characters from the Demon anime Slayer They can run and jump faster than the eye can see, and even the slowest characters are still much faster than the average civilian.

10 Tanjiro Kamado relies on scent more than speed or strength

Tanjiro himself may be one of the slowest main characters in Demon SlayerBut that doesn’t mean he’s a total dork or an easy target in combat. Tanjiro has the right speed and agility to fight a wide variety of demonic foes, from Susamaru to Enmu and others.

Tanjiro’s speed is only mediocre compared to most of the other main characters, but he has an advantage that they don’t have: their nose. Tanjiro can use his nose to find the thread that binds him to his enemy and attack at the exact moment. With that advantage, you don’t even need exceptional speed.

9 Nezuko Kamado likes to run and kick1641465688 801 The 10 fastest Demon Slayer characters ranked.webp

Nezuko Kamado was turned into a demon against her will, and although she would rather regain her humanity, she can at least make use of her demonic gifts in the meantime. Nezuko sometimes fights alongside her brother, and despite having received no training, she is a proper fighter.

In combat, Nezuko tends to run and kick, and can even rip a demon’s head off with his fierce kicks. He can also use his claws to cut through his enemies and use fire-based moves, which inspired Tanjiro to do the same. She is quite fast, but other characters in Demon Slayer they are definitely faster than her.

8 Inosuke Hashibira fights on instinct1641465689 366 The 10 fastest Demon Slayer characters ranked.webp

Inosuke Hashibira was raised by animals in the mountains and learned well from them. He has very keen instincts and heightened senses, making him very effective in ways that his friends and foes alike do not expect. It also has two jagged Nichirin swords to smash any enemy to pieces.

Inosuke is not the fastest character in Demon Slayer, but he has some movement, and his agility and reflexes are quite impressive. The Hashira and the Higher Moons may outpace him, but ordinary demons are often too slow to handle Inosuke’s aggressive and savage movements, and they pay the price for it.

7 Kanao Tsuyuri is silent but talented1641465689 946 The 10 fastest Demon Slayer characters ranked.webp

Kanao Tsuyuri may be a calm and gentle girl, but she is by no means defenseless. In fact, she’s one of the fastest characters in the series to date, and she’s fully trained as a demon slayer. Kanao is a member of the butterfly state, and has hair clips and elite skills to match.

Kanao generously helped train Tanjiro and his friends after the battle with Rui, the spider demon, and it was much faster than Tanjiro was prepared for. For a while, he was one step ahead of Tanjiro and practically made a fool of him. However, Tanjiro caught up with her later.

6 Zenitsu Agatsuma is fast under certain conditions1641465689 413 The 10 fastest Demon Slayer characters ranked.webp

Zenitsu Agatsuma is widely known for his cowardly personality and constant grumbling, but he’s not a total dead weight during his and Tanjiro’s adventures. In the right circumstances, Zenitsu is actually a lightning-fast swordsman, and that’s no accident.

True to his thunder-breathing element, Zenitsu can move like lightning, and he did so for the first time while fighting for his life in the labyrinthine estate of Kyogai. Since then, Zenitsu has used his ultra speed a few more times, and even Tanjiro can’t match it.

5 Giyu Tomioka is fast as water1641465689 239 The 10 fastest Demon Slayer characters ranked.webp

So far, in the anime of Demon Slayer The fastest characters are all Upper Moon demons or members of the elite Hashira corps, and that includes the Water Hashira, one Giyu Tomioka. Giyu isn’t the fastest Hashira, but he’s certainly faster than rookies like Tanjiro and Inosuke.

Giyu can move in the blink of an eye and deliver deadly blows with his sword to take down a demon before it realizes what is happening. Giyu also demonstrated this speed early in the series against the kamados, but thankfully, he stopped and allowed Nezuko to live.

4 Kyojuro Rengoku is like a blur1641465690 140 The 10 fastest Demon Slayer characters ranked.webp

The Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, is even faster than Giyu, and he demonstrated this during the Mugen Train story arc while fighting various demons. Kyojuro is a fearless, fast and aggressive fighter, faithful to his elemental breath, and shows no mercy to demons.

Kyojuro grew serious when he faced the Upper Moon Three, Akaza, and moved faster than Tanjiro could see. In Tanjiro’s eyes, Kyojuro was nothing more than a series of flaming blots, and only a Higher Moon would stand a chance against that technique.

3 Akaza can keep up with most Hashira1641465690 956 The 10 fastest Demon Slayer characters ranked.webp

Akaza was one of the main antagonists in the Mugen Train story arc, and he could reappear later to challenge Tanjiro Kamado. Tanjiro better be prepared, because Akaza is more powerful than any enemy he’s faced so far, and he’s just as fast. Additionally, Akaza can regenerate her flesh at astonishing speed.

Akaza kept up with Kyojuro Rengoku during their battle, which is saying a lot, and unlike humans, Akaza has unlimited stamina. Not only is it fast, but it also doesn’t slow down when fatigued in battle, so it can outmaneuver a speedy human opponent who gets tired in their duel. It is a big advantage.

2 Shinobu Kocho relies on speed and poison to win1641465690 823 The 10 fastest Demon Slayer characters ranked.webp

Despite her laid-back appearance, Shinobu Kocho is actually an intense and focused demon hunter who doesn’t tolerate anyone’s nonsense for a long time. Although Shinobu is small and not very strong, she is incredibly fast, and no demons can follow her movements in battle.

Shinobu can use his superior speed to avoid enemy attacks, then position himself to launch a deadly counterattack with his poisoned Nichirin blade and seal the deal. Even a demon from the Upper Moon must be careful.

1 Tengen Uzui makes sound appear slow1641465690 17 The 10 fastest Demon Slayer characters ranked.webp

Tengen Uzui may or may not be the most powerful Hashira overall, but he’s certainly the fastest of all, and even the Upper Moons would be hard-pressed to match his moves in battle. When Tengen gets serious, it seems like he can teleport and reach his destination in an instant.

No one can keep up with an elite swordsman like Tengen, and that allows him to slash his foes with impunity with his twin blades. He’s the star of the new Entertainment District story arc, and his chances of survival look good. The demon Daki will not be able to keep up with this warrior.