The 10 Most Meaningful Anime Deaths Of All Time

It has been shown that the public is more likely to remember fictional deaths that evoke sadness. These deaths are often considered more significant. For a character’s death to be meaningful, the audience has to feel something very strongly about him, be it positive or negative. The death must also significantly influence the plot and have real effects on the other characters.

Significant character deaths accelerate the plot and create character development. In anime, many deaths can be cheapened by cliches and predictability. However, there are still several significant deaths that evoke strong emotions from other characters while speeding the plot forward.

10 Sir Nighteye Was The First Major Death In My Hero Academia

On My Hero Academia, several heroes were seriously injured after the heroes stormed the Shie Hassaikai headquarters to stop the yakuza and save Eri. However, Sir Nighteye’s condition was fatal. After fighting Overhaul head-on, the hero suffered a massive spike that pierced his chest and another that severed his forearm. These wounds were fatal.

This death is significant because it is the first death of a major character in My Hero Academia. It’s easy to assume that heroism is a dangerous career, but Sir Nighteye’s death cemented it. Furthermore, the death was significant for many reasons. For one thing, his quirk, the foresight, was inaccurate. Midoriya changed his own destiny to prove that he could take down Overhaul himself and make it out alive. Also, Sir Nighteye used his dying breath to reassure Mirio that his dreams of becoming a hero weren’t over because his Quirk had been erased.

9 Erwin Smith’s death was a dark turn for Attack On Titan1647337478 537 The 10 Most Meaningful Anime Deaths Of All Time.webp

Erwin Smith’s death in Attack On Titan marked a dark turn in the events of the series. For the first time, the Survey Corps were without their commander. Since Eren’s decisions were less and less ethical and immoral, they needed a figure like Erwin close by. Erwin’s main goal was to always make the morally correct decision when dealing with problems.

Erwin was the mainstay of the Survey Corps, so his death left them without a guiding light. However, his death meant that Levi had to take his place. Levi was tasked with becoming the beacon of morality and justice that the Corps lacked.

8 Byakuya Ishigami’s death was accompanied by several revelations1647337478 986 The 10 Most Meaningful Anime Deaths Of All Time.webp

Even though dr stone It is not an anime full of tragedies, there are some moments that pull the sensitive fiber of the public. One of those moments is the death of Byakuya Ishigami. This death was not only tragic, but was also accompanied by several revelations about the truth of the world.

Byakuya’s son Senku was shockingly beaten by his death. Although at first he believed that he would not miss his adoptive father, Senku was wrong. This was confirmed when Senku found an old recording that Byakuya and the other ISS survivors left behind. In this recording, Byakuya reveals that he died at the beginning of the new Stone Age, more than three thousand years earlier.

7 When Portgas D. Ace Died, Luffy Lost His Role Model1647337478 423 The 10 Most Meaningful Anime Deaths Of All Time.webp

One of the most significant events that occurred in one piece it was the death of Portgas D. Ace. This individual was the role model of Monkey D. Luffy. In many ways, the two were essentially foster brothers.

Despite Luffy’s efforts to prevent Ace from being executed, he was unsuccessful. Ace continued to be executed at the hands of Akainu. However, before his death, Ace hugged Luffy and thanked him for everything he had done. Ultimately, Ace died peacefully. However, it took Luffy a long time to assimilate the loss and learn to cope with it.

6 L died because he got in the way of the light1647337479 429 The 10 Most Meaningful Anime Deaths Of All Time.webp

On death noteL he was killed because he got in Light’s way. However, Light was not the one who wrote L’s name in the notebook. He didn’t know L’s real name, so someone with Shinigami eyes had to kill him.

Ryuk refused to kill L because he didn’t care, but Rem loved Misa. The date of Misa’s death was approaching due to Light’s plans. Rem killed L to save Misa, but at the cost of her own life. Prolonging someone’s life isn’t the job of a Shinigami, so Rem paid the price. In short, the death of L opened a new chapter of death note. He also showed that Light was willing to use whatever pawns he needed to ensure his success.

5 Everything In Tokyo Revengers Is Because Of Hinata Tachibana’s Death1647337479 154 The 10 Most Meaningful Anime Deaths Of All Time.webp

Hinata Tachibana’s death is the reason for each of the events of tokyo avengers. Takemichi wouldn’t need time travel if Hinata had never been killed. The reason Takemichi travels back in time is to try to prevent each of the events that led to Hinata’s death.

By extension, Kisaki is the reason for his death in all possible futures. Takemichi could change every major event he can, but every future still spells a bleak end for Hinata at the hands of Kisaki’s decisions and obsession.

4 Itachi Uchiha Allowed His Brother To Kill Him1647337479 416 The 10 Most Meaningful Anime Deaths Of All Time.webp

Itachi Uchiha is one of the most controversial characters from naruto. Initially introduced as an antagonist because he was ordered to kill his entire family, Itachi’s death was surprisingly heartbreaking for fans. Before he died, he was already dying of an illness. However, his fight against Sasuke was what ultimately ended his life.

Itachi allowed Sasuke to kill him. However, this was all part of his plan. He wanted Sasuke to become the hero of the Hidden Leaf Village. Itachi wanted people to think of his brother as a hero.

3 Bruno Bucciarati Died And Lived On Borrow Before Passing On To The Afterlife1647337479 54 The 10 Most Meaningful Anime Deaths Of All Time.webp

One of the most heartbreaking deaths of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was Bruno Bucciarati’s in Golden Wind. When Diavolo’s Crimson King impaled him, it was a fatal wound. Bruno should have died then, but he was brought back to life with Giorno’s Golden Experience. He was living on borrowed time. Bruno was lost after the fight against Cioccolata and Secco. After that fight, his senses went dead; he was only able to see souls because he was undead.

Unfortunately, Diavolo and Doppio use this to trick Bruno into fighting Polnareff. The Silver Chariot Requiem was born, causing everyone’s souls to enter different bodies. Bruno once again lived on loan in Diavolo’s body. He identified Chariot Requiem’s ​​weakness and saved the day with his resolve. After everyone’s souls returned, Bruno passed on to the afterlife.

2 Killing Koro-Sensei Was The Goal, But It Still Hurt1647337479 120 The 10 Most Meaningful Anime Deaths Of All Time.webp

Although Class 3-E’s goal throughout the entire assassination classroom was to kill Koro-Sensei, when the time came, the students were quite excited about it. After everything the class had been through with their teacher at the time, it was hard to say goodbye.

Koro-Sensei deeply impacted each of his students, especially Nagisa, and it was he who had to stab Koro-Sensei in the heart. However, before that happened, a montage was played showing the memories and greatest successes of Class 3-E with Koro-Sensei.

1 Rengoku’s Death Had Major Consequences For The Rest Of Demon Slayer1647337480 808 The 10 Most Meaningful Anime Deaths Of All Time.webp

Rengoku’s death behind the Mugen train arch was one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the entire demon slYesterday. Rengoku was very dear to the Demon Slayer body. The main trio were present when he died and offered words of encouragement to Tanjiro with his dying breath. However, the main trio were not the only ones deeply affected by Rengoku’s death.

The other Hashira viewed Rengoku as a pillar of strength and determination to emulate. Tengen even tried to think of what Rengoku would have done if he was in the same situation against Daki and Gyutaro. Rengoku’s death encouraged the other demon slayers to get stronger, especially Tanjiro.