The 10 most read articles in 2022 on – Livres Hebdo

10- Summer 2022: the favorite books of the French media

The French media have launched their summer schedules and the selections of books to read on the beach or in the garden, in any case under the sun, are legion. Membership review of recommendations issued in the press, radio, or television.

9- The most popular books of 2021 according to Babelio

The site dedicated to literature reveals the 21 books, published in 2021, the most added to readers’ libraries.

8- The 10 novels selected for the 2022 World Literary Prize

The world announced the selection of novels for the tenth edition of its literary prize. It will be presented on September 7 and its winner will be announced the next day in the newspaper.

7- The first selection of the Goncourt Prize 2022

The Goncourt Academy unveiled, Tuesday, September 6, a first list of 15 novels in the running for the most coveted award of the season: the 120e Goncourt prize.

6- The Goncourt 2022 finalists

The Académie Goncourt announced the four finalists for the most prestigious French literary prize since Beirut, in the absence of certain jurors who gave up going to Lebanon where they did not feel welcome.

Brigitte Giraud – Photo PASCAL ITO/FLAMMARION

5- The 2022 Goncourt prize for Brigitte Giraud

With his tenth novel live fast (Flammarion), Brigitte Giraud obtains the Goncourt 2022 prize.

4- 150,000 Japanese List Top 100 Manga

one-piece, Demon Slayer, slam dunk… 150,000 Japanese voted the 100 best manga of all time.

3 – The 50 favorite books of the French according to France Télévisions

The public is now called upon to vote to designate their favorite book among the 50.

2 – The program of Augustin Trapenard’s first two “Grandes Libraries”

On France 5, the first program presented by Augustin Trapenard will be broadcast on Wednesday September 7.

1 – Doucet case: Sophie Lesiewicz killed herself

The former assistant director of the Jacques-Doucet Literary Library ended her life on October 18, the day after the publication in The world of an investigation that implicated her.