The 15 Best Anime Series To Get You Hooked On Crunchyroll

    We know that today there is too much offer of subscription platforms. Even us, who work on this, get mixed up sometimes. We all would like the catalogs to unite a bit and the offer to stay at, for example, three or four. Come on, an affordable number to be subscribed to and be able to enjoy whatever we want from home. But the world never works as we would like, and we have to make do with an offer of subscription platforms that almost exceeds that of classic television channels. Another more realistic proposal is that of specialization. If you like auteur and quality cinema, you have Filmin. And if what you like is the Japanese animealthough there is a good offer scattered on other platforms (we have already reviewed the best anime series on netflix Y the best anime series on amazon prime), what you have to do is go to Crunchyroll.

    Although part of its content is available for free with ads, we are talking about a subscription platform specialized in anime series. Unlike its competitors (Netflix and Amazon are very guilty of this), it usually has the complete series. In addition, current series usually arrive subtitled in Spanish a few hours after their premiere in Japan. It is therefore the best streaming platform offer in Spain to enjoy our favorite animes in a premium way.

    Yes, we already know that the hundreds of chapters of many shonen (action anime) sometimes make it difficult for us. That the filler chapters are not anyone’s favorite and that between flashback and repeated footage, you have to see twenty chapters for something to happen. But those eternal fights interrupted by flashbacks that we have already seen twenty times are part of the secret. A formula for a Japanese animated series that engages like few others, a phenomenon in which for several decades we have found characters as iconic as their stories, and worlds full of imagination and fantasy that any western franchise would like to dream of. Anime has a danger, becoming your lifestyle completely. And what can we say about this, because there are much worse things. The best animes are a gift, and it is no longer something destined for the niche that we used to call geeks, it is a general phenomenon and it is for a reason. Here are the best anime series on Crunchyroll.

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Naruto Shippūden (2007-2017)

The 220 chapters of Naruto marked the childhood of many, but it was in Shippuden and its 500 episodes that everything exploded. With a more mature Naruto, the anime delves into its great themes, expands the world and gives us some of the best battles in the entire genre. A classic that, despite its numerous padding, never leaves you once you’ve seen it. And for those who are left wanting more, on Crunchyroll we also find ‘Boruto: The Next Generations’.


One Piece (1999-present)

Along with Dragon Ball and Naruto, One Piece forms the holy trinity of shonnen. However, unlike the other two, the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, the rubber man, to become the king of pirates, continues without pause more than two decades and more than a thousand chapters later. And the amazing thing is that he has done it without flagging.


Attack on Titan (2013-2023)

The story of Eren, Mikasa and company in a world where humanity hides from shadowy titans is the last great anime phenomenon that has managed to conquer the general public. The reasons are simple, an amazing plot full of mysteries that are solved in the most epic ways and brutal and amazing action scenes. In early 2023 the finale will arrive on Cruchyroll.


Demon Slayer (2019-present)

As ‘Attack on Titan’, usually called Shingeki No Kyojin, it is difficult to know if we should call this series by its English title, ‘Demon Slayer’, its original title, ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ or its Spanish title, ‘Guardians of the night’. Be that as it may, we are talking about another huge phenomenon that still has a long way to go and that is that demons do not hunt alone.


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (1993-2021)

Since the 1990s, the Jojos have been a fundamental part of anime history. Hirohiko Araki’s manga works as anthologies and its adaptations in the form of different series and OVAs is really confusing, but on Crunchyroll we have more than 200 chapters.


Spy X Family (2022-present)

Instant success since its premiere, with just over twenty chapters, the story of this atypical and false family made up of a spy, an assassin and a telepathic girl, has conquered critics and the public.


Kaguya-sama: Love is War (2019-present)

Not everything has to be action or fantasy in anime. There is also room here for those series about two protagonists who love each other and take years to declare themselves no matter how much you yell at the TV. A great example is this story about two gifted students in love with each other who, however, live a cold war of constant superiority.

At 26, the protagonist of this short and intense anime has already thrown his life to waste. Things get worse when he learns that his old high school girlfriend has been murdered by a gang. But of course, everything changes when he has the opportunity to go back in time 12 years, and not only fix his life but save his girl from his tragic future.


Mob Psycho 100 (2016-2019)

Acclaimed anime about the complicated life of a teenager with psychic powers who, on the one hand, has trouble relating to others because he must suppress his emotions to control his powers. On the other, he is haunted by evil spirits.

Although there may be a long return in 2023, we are talking for now about a miniseries of only 6 chapters. A classic of the genre that tells the story of a boy bored with his ordinary life to whom strange things begin to happen after he is run over by a quirky girl.


Fighting Spirit (2000-2002)

A true classic, something like the Rocky of the anime, the truth is that in its time we were right to call it by its title in Spanish, although now it may be better known as ‘Hajime no Ippo’. At 17 years old, Makunouchi Ippo wants to stop being a weakling, and for that he decides to train with the tough Mamoru Takamura and succeed in professional boxing.


Jujutsu Kaisen (2020-2021)

A phenomenon that continued to sweep with its prequel film, Jujutsu Kaisen 0′ The story? An athlete walks into his high school occult club to discover to his amazement that what the group discusses is totally real. Action, adventure, teenage friendship and yes, also horror.


HunterXHunter (2011-2014)

A true masterpiece that we can only find complete on Crunchyroll. The childish aspect of its protagonists may be deceiving, but this is an anime with hard and violent moments, not recommended for children under 16 years of age. It tells the adventures of Gon and Killua as Hunters, an international association of adventurers facing the greatest challenges and dangers in the world.


My Hero Academia (2016-present)

Another authentic contemporary phenomenon, one that mixes the best of action anime with the superheroes that have conquered western fiction. What could go wrong? Well, nothing. In a world where being born with powers is common, a young man without powers struggles to succeed in a superhero academy.


Chainsaw Man (2022–present)

It has just arrived on the platform and its chapters can be counted on the fingers of the hands, for now. However, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga has already become a worldwide phenomenon and her adaptation to anime was so highly anticipated that the premiere of each chapter is already a phenomenon. A man with a saw for a head, a demon dog, a lot of gore, action and epic.

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