The anime confirms that Denji’s greatest flaw is also his greatest strength!

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One of the most interesting aspects of Chainsaw Man is how Denji’s future as a weapon of mass destruction in Japan unfolds. The public security unit needs its berserker mode to kill the demons, and Makima (his superior) manipulates him to make sure they keep destroying these creatures. However, Denji has limits, mentally, as he is 16, but also physically, as he loses a lot of blood and, in the process, fuel.

Ironically, once Denji kills other monsters, he can feed on blood and blood in the field, giving him energy for the dangerous battles he’s thrown into. It’s a vicious cycle, but again, Makima and his top colleague Hayakawa have no problem harnessing Denji and other hybrids like Power, as the goal remains the same. Interestingly, while this situation leads to a chaotic outlook and a no-nonsense attitude on Denji’s part, this massive flaw could also be his greatest strength.

Demons feed on fear!

Makima has met with her bosses to let them know that she will have the resources to kill bad guys like the Demon-Gun. VSIt’s a global arms race now, so she wants to make sure her nation is ahead of everyone else; however, Denji is not mature yet. He’s still groping women, not to mention the toxicity of Himeno trying to woo him. It’s all fun, but Himeno actually reveals key elements of its own history.

She lost her family in the wars of old, just like Hayakawa, and a boss told her that these demons feed on fear. That’s why she will always be vulnerable. Hayakawa will be better off because he’s driven by rage, given that the Demon-Gun killed his family, but regardless, they’re all human. It doesn’t matter that they contracted with demons to use them as weaponsthey always give off the fear that these demons absorb and grow stronger.

Denji knows no fear!

Chainsaw man Denji

However, in Denji’s case, fear fails him.. It’s something Himeno, Makima, and even Hayakawa have seen, which explains why he’s able to throw himself into the battle against the Batbut also literally in the mouth of the Demon-Eternity. Denji doesn’t care, he just wants to do his job, earn money and find his teammates. Thus, he has resilient tunnel vision which works in his favor. And to top it off, he loves his job, so he handicaps those monsters by enjoying it more.

Chainsaw Man fans are worried though, as this rash attitude may get him killed. Not all demons are the same, so as soon as they lure him with traps, or adapt in combat to subdue him, Denji runs the risk of dying. He’s not very good tactically, but for now his chaotic attitude is the best way to nullify him. Once word spreads that he’s crazy and a free spirit, nullifying those demons with his bravery, they might think twice and hide. But ultimately, it could invite an enraged Demon-Gun, seeking the greatest challenge possible and putting Denji’s crew in imminent danger.