The Anime Industry Grows To Historic Levels In 2022!

A new report says that the anime industry grew to levels never seen before in 2022

The anime It is one of the most important industries in Japan. With an enormous diversity of genres and visual styles, great productions are released every year that break all kinds of barriers and become great international successes.

Only the recent successes of productions such as Evangelion 3.0+1.0Demon Slayer, One Piece, My Hero Academia and Chainsaw Man they are proof enough that the industry has grown a lot and increasingly offers stories that connect with an international audience.

And although his successes are no longer news, a new report ensures that the anime industry reached in 2022 a growth that it had not seen in 20 years. How did you do it and why does it seem that Japanese animation will grow even more? Here we tell you all the factors that influenced it to grow so much!

Is anime the future?

According to a report published by erzat, the japanese animation industry has grown 13% sustained from 2022, so that now the value of the industry in Japan amounts to 20 billion dollars. That is more or less the current value of the shares of Warner Bros. Discovery and they are only 9 million less of which they have Netflix.

These numbers are very encouraging. According to the same report, analysts expected the industry it will take time to recover of losses and delays caused by the pandemic. However, it seems to have been reactivated. by 97% compared to 2021. This reactivation was also experienced by live television in Japan, since the report indicates that live competitions also increased in ratings and popularity.

This may be the product of the greatest hits of demon slayer: Mugen Train, the tape that continued the story of the first season of the anime raised more than 450 million dollars at the worldwide box office, becoming the anime tape highest grossing in Japanese history. For his part, One Piece film: Red, collection $174 million and it became a huge success inside and outside its loyal fan base.

Also the rise of series type Attack on Titan, Spy x Family, One Piece, My Hero Academia and Chainsaw Man They have helped the popularity of the industry to grow, since these episodes are constantly being talked about on social networks and a large number of viewers meet every week to find out the outcome of these stories.


Has streaming helped?

Netflix in recent years it has redoubled its anime offer to compete with crunchyroll, the platform that finally made available to the international market a wide catalog of Japanese animated series and movies, making it easier for people to consume more and better content in this area.

And also, adaptations of iconic anime, such as Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Samurai X, Full Metal Alchemist and One Piece, while they may not be well received by critics, they certainly add to the streaming giant’s repertoire and continue to cement the popularity of anime among the audience.

In fact, disney recently signed an agreement with the Japanese company Kodansha in order to increase the offer of Japanese animation within its platform Disney+, so we can expect even more licensed content to arrive in its catalog.

That’s not to mention anime tapes like Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes, Goodbye, Don Glee! or Weathering with You whose premiere was a resounding success in different countries, such as Canada, Mexico and France. By all accounts, anime seems to be one of the strongest entertainment industries out there today. Will they be able to stay that way?