The best Naruto live-action made by fans

Some fans have recorded a live action of one of the most famous animes in all history: Naruto. In this short film, a group of martial arts experts recreate the battles of this series step by step, taking advantage of their skills.

The idea of ​​​​adapting an anime to live-action format does not usually appeal to many of the fans in the anime world. adaptations such as death note either Attack on Titan they made those who still had hopes in this type of initiatives lose them completely. This time it has been the fans themselves who have decided to make their own live-action.

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Even if they don’t have a big budget or the best performances, these Kung fu professionals have already caught the attention of fans of the series. The video uploaded to the channel Youtube It has been very well received by fans around the world. And this is because the film has a group of martial arts experts, more specifically kung fu masters, who have been able to recreate many of the fight scenes to perfection, just as they are shown in the anime.

Punches, jumps, kicks and falls done exactly the same as in the series and perfectly timed. All this without neglecting details such as the aesthetics of the background, the special effects of the most powerful attacks or the physical changes of the characters, such as the color of the eyes.

JOJO’s and Demon Slayer, other live action adaptations besides Naruto

This group dedicated to Kungfu, despite not being specialized in anime, has other adaptations of combats, among which are scenes of JOJOs or of demon slayeralthough this adaptation of Naruto stands out among them, as it has longer scenes and more hand-to-hand combat than the rest.

In the video you can see how they practice the scenes and then record them. Some shots where the cameraman does almost the same exercise as the actors thanks to the dynamics evident in most of the shonen.

But not only that, if you enjoy action anime, you will surely also enjoy fighting movies set in Eastern countries. This group, displaying their abilities, has also recreated scenes from several dozen films of the genre.

The start of new fan movies

In the absence of actors playing their favorite characters, not only this group has decided to take the initiative. Several fans have decided to start their own series or create an adaptation to their liking. Most of these can be found on YouTube, although language can be a major barrier. Although the budget is small, the creators put all their efforts into creating it, which is an enjoyable fan experience for fans.