The campaign of Alexa Moreno that seeks to help with the raffle of her tights

The Mexican gymnast, Alexa Moreno, what did the 4th place in horse jumping at the 2020 Tokyo OlympicsBefore continuing to fulfill his dreams, he decided to make others’ dreams come true with a dynamic that surprised everyone on social networks.

Alexa Moreno looks for good causes

The 27-year-old athlete who dazzled everyone with her presentation in her floor routine that accompanied the theme of the famous anime Demon Slayer, announced that it is in the search for “good causes” which can be supported with the resources obtained from the raffle of his autographed tights.

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In her Twitter account, the gymnast originally from Baja California, announced this dynamic with which those who need it would benefit.

“They are looking for good causes to support through autographed tights, or if you have some good ideas leave them here.”

Networks respond to Alexa Morena’s campaign

The response from Internet users was immediate and among the possible causes are support for people with cancer or another disease, the fight against animal abuse And till young people seeking, just like her, put the name of Mexico up high with his talent.

Likewise, many people took advantage of the space to thank the gymnast for her great contribution to the country and her desire to help those who need it most.

Until now, Alexa It has not revealed more details about this campaign such as how the winner will be chosen, where it will be announced, or how to participate in the dynamic to get a leotard with his signature for a good cause.

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Alexa calls for quality gyms

Recently, Alexa, who is a student of coach Alfredo Hueto, criticized the system and considered that what is lacking in the country are not “more Alexas Moreno”, but it is important to implement gyms that offer quality to play this sport.

“We need a system that works. In Mexico we are in gymnastics kindergarten. We need gyms that are for a true elite level, “he declared at a press conference.

The gymnast who won the third place in the Gymnastics World Cup in Doha, Qatar, in 2018, highlighted that the participating in a third Olympic Games requires discipline, responsibility, and “good reason” to compete.

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“I think you have to find a good reason or a goal that you really want to achieve to do a new Olympic cycle.”

Until now, the future of Alexa Moreno is unknown, which has put the name of Mexico high despite the critics that he received on his debut during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games due to its physical appearance, since currently, a shoulder injury suffering for a long time, could be an obstacle to compete in Paris 2024.