The Chainsaw Man manga sets a new sales record!

Weeks pass and begin to not be shocked at all by the accomplishments of chain saw man. Whether it’s manga or anime, he constantly finds himself at the center of attention. And although it’s the anime that’s currently doing the rain and shine, this time it’s the manga’s turn to be the talk of the town.

Credits: Shueisha

Moreover, the new exploit of the manga is not anecdotal.

To new heights

While the Chainsaw Man anime is off to an amazing start, the second part of the manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto doesn’t do figurative work either. Far from being overshadowed by the success of the animated adaptation produced by Studio Mappa, the manga has just set a new record.

Despite the void left by Makima, the new female protagonist, Asa Mitaka, seems to be holding up well in her new role. Despite the new roadmap adopted for Chainsaw Man part 2, fans still love the work just as much. And this is noticeable in view of the sales of the manga.

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manga sales

In a very short time, the Chainsaw Man manga has sold around the world with more than 18 million copies. Although this score is very impressive, Chainsaw Man does not yet play in the same category as One Piece, Dragon Ball and Demon Slayer. These three behemoths currently include respectively:

  • 500 million copies
  • 260 million copies
  • 150 million copies

As you have just seen, Chainsaw Man still has a long way to go before reaching the same heights as these franchises. That said, he just might get there sooner than we imagine, because it seems nothing can stand up to the Chainsaw Man.

Manga vs. Anime

For the moment, the manga stands up to the anime which only has 3 episodes to date. Mappa having signed to adapt the entire first part of Chainsaw Man, it will still be necessary to wait before seeing Asa Mitaka on the screen. Everything is therefore in the hands of the Mappa studio. As for the second part of the manga, you will most certainly have noticed that Denji is not really the center of attention.

The story currently focuses on Asa Mikata who, after signing a pact with the War Demon, proclaims he wants to kill Chainsaw Man. However, she does not know his true identity. His only clue is that he studies in the same high school as her. As you can imagine, it’s clearly not the same atmosphere as during the first part.

Do you think Chainsaw Man manga can reach the same level as the biggest franchises in the industry? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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