The Demon Slayer Festival, a last farewell to the series organized by Panini

Before the effervescence and precise organization of Japan Expo, Panini organized from July 8 to 10 the Demon SlayerFestivalon the occasion of the release of the 23rd and last volume of Demon Slayer. Six small stalls reminiscent of the buildings of the Taishô era, where the characters of the series evolve, welcome us to the forecourt of the Gare Saint-Lazare. The concept is simple: each stand allows visitors to leave with a collector’s card after having taken part in a mini-game or a fun activity, corresponding more or less to a specificity of the associated character.

Among the activities, we can mention the upheaval for Tanjirô, corresponding to his rather… chaotic power in his early days. For Nezuko, a make-up will turn you into a demon (at your own risk). A photobooth 1658325490 737 The Demon Slayer Festival a last farewell to the series1658325490 542 The Demon Slayer Festival a last farewell to the seriesto allow you to win the Muzan card, for his rather narcissistic and self-confident side, but hey, the photo serves as a nice souvenir! At the level of the shop, selling the volumes of the series, one can acquire the card of Rengoku, slayer of demons and Pillar of the Flame. Inosuke obviously has a stand that represents him in all his glory: a punching machine! We end with Zen’itsu, the sleepwalking slayer. Visitors had to break through a tarp by aiming a circle with a sword, while blindfolded. The editorial staff confirms that this activity gives you a hard time!

Don’t panic if you couldn’t get these cards! They are available within the limit of stocks in the FNAC, for the purchase of a volume of Demon Slayer (and not necessarily the last one if you are not up to date!).

1658325491 761 The Demon Slayer Festival a last farewell to the series

A little throwback to this series that has become legendary. The story begins with a disappointing launch, the title released at Panini in 2017 having taken the name The walkers of the night. At the same time as the release of theanimethe publisher takes over the license in 2019 and now sells it under the same name as the anime: Demon Slayer. Best selling manga in Japan in 2019 and 2020, we must not forget that a woman is behind this shonen ! Koyoharu Gotôge creates a universe mixing slayers with the overpowering powers provided by their saber and bloodthirsty demons, initially human. Pre-published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump as of 2016, the manga therefore ends with its 23rd volume.

A very pleasant and exotic event, suitable for young and old alike, which celebrates wonderfully and not without a certain emotion, a series which has touched the whole world. AnimeLand even devoted two covers to it: that of the number 228 and more recently that from number 236 ! Goodbye Nezuko, Tanjiro, Zen’istu and Inosuke!

Source : AnimeLand, Panini