‘The First Slam Dunk’: why is the return of an anime and manga classic so important?

It is one of the most anticipated movies in the anime industry. slam dunk, released in 1993, is a cult story among fans of the genre. The story, starring Hanamichi Sakuragi, was left with an open final and since then its continuation is expected. In that sense, the filmscheduled to be released later this year, could conclude one of the key animated stories for several generations.

Since 2021, when a first teaser on production, hype In relation to the return of the story, it increased progressively. It was no longer a rumor, a loose comment or just a wish. The project was underway, with one detail no less: the visual preview brought with it the year of release: 2022. The doubts related to the materialization of the bet began to be discarded.

To the expectation generated by the details shared about the film, it is added that slam dunk has a large fan base that comes from the manga. This story began airing in 1993, while still selling thousands of copies in graphic format. With globalization and the establishment of this sports history as a reference, the figures continued to increase.

The title of the film:
The First Slam Dunk

At first, it was thought that the film would bear only the name of the series. Then, during the reveal of the posters, the original title of the manga and anime was accompanied by “The first”. If it is about making the translation into Spanish, it would be “The first nail”. slam dunk tells the story of the high school basketball team Shohokuusing that sporting dynamic as an excuse to tell other questions.

The peculiarity of this story is that Shōhoku is not a school with a tradition in basketball. It has a single outstanding player, who is later joined by others. What happens with the additions? Just as they are capable of scoring, they could also be inside a minor correction area. They are not exemplary students, since they stand out more for their aggressiveness and shady past, but on the field they make up one of the most competitive teams in the region.