The Highest Rated Anime On Netflix, According To IMDb

The anime has entered an unprecedented level of popularity in the West and shows no signs of slowing down. Streaming services at all levels have jumped on the trend to attract new subscribers. Outside of anime-specific streamers, Netflix has become one of the main digital providers for the medium, and they’ve developed a library of over 150 series and movies, depending on your location.


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This begs the question, where to start? With such a robust library to peruse, it can be daunting for someone new to the medium. Or, for a seasoned viewer, there may be a series worth revisiting or discovering a hidden gem. Luckily, IMDb users have rated a good chunk of the anime, including the ones you’ll find on Netflix.

10) “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”

A must-have for many fans, as well as a great inspiration for other anime, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, is a fun ride through and through. True to its name, the series follows the truly bizarre adventures of the extremely fashionable Joestar family. Each arc is dedicated to a member of the family, always nicknamed Jojo, and the entire series spans over a century.

Apparently a shonen anime (anime aimed at 12-18 year olds), Jojo is a unique breed among its contemporaries. Known for its stylized animation and character poses, as well as the intricate and inventive concept of Stand Fighting, this is one anime worth checking out. Generational transmission the series has an 8.5 on IMDb.

9) “Your lie in April”

Kaori of your lie in April

Can vibrant and unorthodox violinist Kaori Miyazono break through the walls of former piano prodigy Kōsei Arima? If you’re looking for a slice of life wrapped in classical music, Your lie in April is a must-have series. It explores a range of themes, from trauma to family to love.

Running 22 episodes, it’s not a long series, but it does tell a powerfully emotional story for both leads. Filled with heartwarming moments as well as pure heartbreak, your lie plays the viewer’s heartstrings as deftly as Miyazono plays his violin. The series sits at 8.6 on IMDb.

8) “Code Geass”

Code Geass cast collage

Political intrigue? High school drama? The teenage crisis? Mechanical suits? Code Geass has everything and more. Follow Lelouch vi Britania, outcast son of the global imperial family, as he uses his genius – and a bit of manipulation – to maneuver Japanese rebels into overthrowing his tyrannical father.

Simple on paper, Code Geass is anything but a simple mech suit action spectacle. Lelouch and his opponents continually play a game of 4D chess with the world order at stake. Code Geass has an 8.7 score on IMDb.

7) “The man with the punch”

OPM Saitama

What happens when a hero becomes so powerful that fighting the space gods is less exciting than getting a good grocery sale? This is the premise on which A punch States. What follows is not just the story of a man of incomprehensible strength battling villains, but the intriguing story of a man who must rediscover the joy of life after succumbing to indescribable boredom.

A direct spin on the Western superhero genre, OPM is full of interesting heroes and villains. However, while a show like my hero academia casts an overall positive and feel-good twist on genre tropes, OPM is a cynical, yet wonderfully humorous take on a superhero society. OPM knocks him (or rather knocks him) out of the park and has an 8.7 on IMDb.

6) “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”

The Demon Slayer boys walking through a town

demon slayer is the new kid on the block. Driven to become a demon slayer after his entire family is slaughtered and his sister Nezuko is turned into a demon, Tanjiro Kamado battles and slays demons with a wide variety of abilities and powers as he searches for a way to turn his sister into a human.


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Well-defined characters, strong voice acting, and stunning visual and audio design helped Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba blowing up after its 2019 launch. With a canon follow-up movie, Mugen train, a gripping second season and a confirmed third season, demon slayer has become a phenomenon in a way that most anime never achieves. demon slayer cut through the competition and Scored an 8.7 on IMDb.

5) ‘Cowboy Bebop’

Spike from Cowboy Bebop

Considered one of the greatest animated television series of all time, cowboy bebop is also one of the few major anime that didn’t start life as a manga. The series follows the titular Bebop’s crew of bounty hunters as they travel across the solar system in search of their next score, often getting in over their heads. The bounty hunter’s life, however, is not enough for the crew to escape their past.

cowboy bebop is a brilliant gem in anime history and also serves as a great introduction to the medium. Also, if subtitles aren’t your thing. cowboy bebop has one of the best English dubs out there. Although the recent live-action adaptation fell flat, the original is still here for fans new and old. On IMDb, the beloved series has an 8.9.

4) “Death Note”

Light and sufficient with Ryuk in the background

Another classic and an introduction to anime for many fans, Death threat offers a gripping psychological thriller that follows the young but brilliant Light Yagami’s discovery and eventual use of the mystical Death Note – a notebook that kills the name of whoever is written in it. In the shadow of those who are always bored shinigami (which literally translates to “god of death”) Ryuk, Light explores the powers of the Death Note in an attempt to rid the world of crime, eventually becoming known as the serial killer Kira and catching the attention of the mysterious detective known only as L .

While the premise of a magical murder notebook may seem silly to some, the story that unfolds around it is a remarkable look into the psyche of an individual with a god complex. Plus, the deadly game of cat and mouse between Light and L is one of the best antagonistic relationships the anime has to offer. Currently, Death threat has a 9.0 on IMDb.

3) ‘Hunter X Hunter’ (2011)

Gon and Kullua from HxH

Gon, a young boy from a remote island sets out to follow in his absent father’s footsteps to become a member of the Hunters; an elite organization of individuals with a variety of goals as unique as the members themselves. Along the way, he quickly befriends Killua, who belongs to a family of deadly assassins.

Hunter X Hunter is, in many ways, a tradition shonen anime, but its characters – from the unique to the bizarre – and its deeply developed Nen power system make this series a cut above. HxH is denser than a typical shonen, but, more often than not, the added complexity is a boon to the series as a whole. On IMDb, Hunter x Hunter has a rating of 9.0.

2) Attack on Titan (9.0)

Promo Attack on Titan

Thanks, in part, to its stellar animation and Season 1 horror, The attack of the Titans became a phenomenon in no time. After seeing his mother killed and eaten by a Titan – huge giants with a taste for human flesh – Eren Yaegar swears to eliminate the Titans. After years of training to fight monsters, Eren discovers he has a unique ability that could be humanity’s last hope against the Titans.


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The horror and mystery of the Titans creates a great hook for AOT, but it keeps viewers engaged even though the series often devolves into political intrigue. Wrapping up its final episodes in 2022, it’s a great time to catch up on the show, whether you’ve never seen it or just need a recap.

Ed and Al of FMB

A remarkably faithful adaptation of the source material, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood often sits near the top of many anime fans’ favorites. After a gruesome failed attempt to revive their dead mother, brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric embark on a journey to discover the legendary Philosopher’s Stone. During their investigation, they are drawn into a conspiracy involving the fate of millions of people.

The original series of Fullmetal Alchemist deviated quite heavily from the source material in some interesting ways, but MF:B with the aim of telling the original story in its entirety. A memorable cast and excellent writing wrapped in themes of brotherly bonding and uplifting acceptance MF:B at dizzying heights. It should come as no surprise that it is so highly rated by users of IMDb, earning a 9.1 rating.


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