The light novels Goblin Slayer and Me, when I am reincarnated as a slime finally back in France, November 08, 2022

After having had to pause them for lack of success, Kurokawa announced, a year agothe return to France of light novels Goblin Slayer and Me, when I’m reincarnated as a slime for the current of this year 2022. We finally had to wait until the very end of the year to see the thing materialize, but the promise will indeed be kept by the publisher!

Indeed, volume 6 of Goblin Slayer and volume 5 of Me, when I am reincarnated as a slime are both planned for the December 8.

As announced by the publisher a year ago, the books will experience a price increase to compensate for their low number of sales. But contrary to what was announced a year ago, they will not increase to 12-13€ but to 14.90€, this additional price increase surely taking into account the current problems around raw materials and transport including prices are all up. Also remember that Kurokawa, as said in November 2021 there too, plans to continue these two series of novels at the rate of a single volume per year.

Finally, this summer, the publisher announced that the previous volumes of the two works will all be reprinted for the occasion, for a return to bookstores in December too, at the same time as the new volumes.

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Synopsis of Goblin Slayer 6:

Spring is back, with its new batch of budding adventurers. Among the latter, a young wizard who only wants to exterminate the goblins annoys the receptionist.
Meanwhile, an adventurer training center is being built near the border town, where a well-known village of Goblin Dwellers once existed.
The latter, with his companions, joins the young wizard and goes to a mausoleum infested with goblins.

Synopsis of Me, when I am reincarnated as a slime 5:

In Rimuru’s absence, life goes on in Tempest with its ups and downs. But the sudden arrival of an armed human group threatens the peace of the city.
Meanwhile, allied animal kingdom Eurasania receives terrible news that Millim has just declared war on Tempest!
In the ensuing tumult, even the transmission of thoughts with Rimuru is abruptly interrupted, leaving the city on its own. This is the beginning of despair and madness. It is the birth of a new Demon King.