The manga and anime releases of the week, November 18, 2021

Dragon Ball – The Super Book (encyclopedia series) / Glénat

This official guide of more than 350 pages is composed of two main parts: in the history guide, you can find a presentation of each volume, the main and secondary characters as well as a retrospective of the greatest fights and each technique. used. The World Guide, on the other hand, focuses on places, ethnicities, as well as vehicles and props unique to Dragon Ball. This expanded edition also offers exclusive files that present new locations and characters from more recent series: Dragon Ball Super, Nekomajin Z, etc. Add to that interviews with Akira Toriyama in person, and the Dragon Ball universe will have no secrets for you!

The Nightmare Before Christmas / nobi nobi!

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Creative genius, Jack Skellington is the undisputed king of the Halloween party. With each of his new and spooky creations is Zero, his faithful ghost dog. But panic descends on Halloween Town when, following an unfortunate incident, Zero disappears!
Lost in a curious land of decorated trees, hand-wrapped gifts, and happy songs, the ghost dog must travel the unknown world of Christmas Town to find his way home! Especially since with Jack gone in search of him, the preparations for Halloween are put on hold … Will they be reunited in time to save the two holidays ?!

Flow / Kana

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Chima arrives at “Hirota Flow” for a job interview. But even before entering the office, she is taken to a site affected by a “Flow”.
But, what is a “Flow”?
These are natural phenomena that randomly wreak havoc. This instability of particles changes the shape or construction of things and living beings. Often, Flow is intimately linked to a person’s emotions.
Hirota’s job is to estimate the magnitude of a Flow, its duration, to discover its source in order, possibly, to put an end to the phenomenon.
Because all Flow always ends. Only it can take 10 days, a month, or even several years.
Chima herself was the victim of a Flow. Currently, she looks like a 12 year old child, but in reality she is 35 years old. With the vague hope that working for a Flow management company would allow her to regain her adult body, she applied to work at Hirota Flow.

Flowers for Vincent / H2T

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Iris is a terminal student with little motivation to go to class. Since the state of health of her grandmother, whom she takes care of, has deteriorated, the young high school student is disturbed to the point of regularly missing classes, preferring to lose herself in her thoughts in search of meaning in her daily life.
One day, Iris is drawn to a sweet and familiar scent that leads her past a flower shop she had never seen before. She then meets Vincent, a young florist who has been running the shop since the death of its former owner. Intrigued by this pleasant and reserved boy, Iris hears about a strange legend linked to the store, and the mystical aura that surrounds its new owner.

ID-Invaded / Vega-Dupuis

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In a futuristic world, investigators have the power to tap into a killer’s subconscious and see fragmented parts of their psyche. It’s called an “identity well,” a mental plane that can be digitally investigated to gather clues about victims, crime scenes, or a killer’s motives. We follow the investigations of Narihisago, a renowned detective now in prison, charged with diving into the identity pits of various serial killers. Two years before current events, Narihisago’s daughter Muku was brutally murdered by a serial killer, leading Narihisago’s wife to commit suicide. These deaths prompted him to track down and murder the killer, which earned him his prison sentence. He is still depressed and haunted by the deaths of his wife and daughter, but also uses this as motivation to take his job seriously and help stop serial killers. However, in the wake of his family’s death, he resents all serial killers, which sometimes manifests as an uncontrollable urge to kill.

Kirby Fantasy / Soleil

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Welcome to Dream Land! A kingdom where peace and serenity reign. This is where Kirby lives, an adorable little pink ball who won’t hesitate to spill everything in her path to satisfy her insatiable appetite! A new series of adventures awaits our little video game star companion!

Loner Life in Another World / Meian

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Lonely high school student Haruka and her whole class are sent to another RPG-like world.
But when it is his turn to choose his skills, he realizes that he is the last to pass and that there is nothing left of interest !!
“For the trouble, ch’e grants you all the remaining skills !! », Says the god of this other world.
Haruka will therefore inherit all the skills that nobody wanted ?!
You will discover it in the first part of this manga which tells the adventures of a high school student forced to travel alone in another world in HARD mode!

Miss Fantasies / Long

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Jun is an endearing and attractive 21-year-old girl. Problem: it is the only one not to know! And contrary to appearances, she has no experience with men! That’s not all: Jun has a tendency to take refuge in intoxicating fantasies, to the chagrin of her older sister who pushes her to live her desires to the full. What if Kanô, the sexy customer he met in his store, was the one who would allow Jun to taste the pleasure of being loved?