The manga, protagonist of Anime-Con: prices and advantages of the genre that conquered the world

Anime-Con is the largest Japanese pop culture convention in Argentina and the region. From September 2 to 4, at the La Rural property, there are shows, international guests, cosplay contests, traditional Japanese food and more.

In recent years, Japanese pop culture has been conquering the world at a dizzying pace. manga,anime, cosplay Y j pop These are just some of the varied artistic expressions that, from Japan, are exported not only to the East but also, and with great success, to the entire West. Although in Europe and the United States the phenomenon dates back a few decades, in Latin America the rage is a little more recent.

However, in 1997 there was already an Argentine publisher dedicated exclusively to publishing manga, at a time when they were only known for their few audiovisual adaptations, as in the case of dragon ball.

Editorial Ivrea has been working for 25 years in the dissemination of this genre. That uninterrupted effort, added to the worldwide expansion of this Japanese art, culminated this year in the arrival of Anime-Cona convention that opens this Friday at La Rural and has little to envy the great events in France, Spain or Japan itself.

A few months ago, at the last Book Fair that was also held on the La Rural property, the manga rage, particularly by younger readers. This time, in the Anime-Conwhich will take place until this Sunday, the Japanese literary genre that conquered the world has a fundamental role.

In this mega-convention, the largest in Argentina and the region, there are stands of manga publishers where attendees can get both classics and unknown gems of the genre at a very good price. Also, the “Manga Library” is open, where hundreds of available titles can be accessed for free.

Infobae Let’s read talked with Juan Ignacio Quirogaeditor-in-chief of Ivrea, about the current rage for manga, the 25-year history of his publisher, the benefits that a massive event at La Rural can bring to this ever-growing industry, and about why buying manga is cheaper than buying a “traditional” book.

Ivrea is a pioneering Argentine manga publisher founded in 1997, when this genre did not have the impact it has today.
Ivrea is a pioneering Argentine manga publisher founded in 1997, when this genre did not have the impact it has today.

-What is Anime-Con about?

Anime-Con is a convention for manga, anime, and related things like games and cosplaythat seeks to position itself as a regional benchmarktransferring part of the experience that is already applied in Argentina Comic-Con and also in the publications of the Ivrea publishing house. Year after year, we seek to exceed the range of content we offer, which includes local and international artists, stands from the entire industry, and also all kinds of activities for people to read, learn about and interact.

-What space will the manga have there?

The convention will have the most important publishers that publish in Argentina. In general, all the activities that derive from the manga feed off each other. When a manga is successful, an anime version is made. And when the anime becomes successful the manga gets that feedback and start selling more also. then let’s see cosplay of characters from the most popular series, related video games and all the activities that go hand in hand with manga.

-What does manga consist of, unlike the literature that we in the West consider “traditional”?

-Manga as a means of expression has its most common comparison with comics. Usually, American comics tend to be very complex universes, with many series, many protagonists, and crossover universes, mostly superhero ones. In manga, on the other hand, they are usually more specific works: short or long, they usually have a beginning and an end, and at most a few have spin offs. It is never something that intervenes too much in the main plot. In the manga, in addition, the work belongs to the author. It is usually a single person, with his team of assistants obviously, who carries the story forward from start to finish. In comics it is more common for the writer or artist to change, but not in manga.

Anime-Con will feature a
Anime-Con will feature a “Manga Library” where you can freely access hundreds of titles available in the Japanese food court where you can also enjoy the delights of Japanese cuisine.

-What are the usual themes of the manga and how are the most frequent readers?

The most common theme, judging by what sells the most, is usually action, although balanced with comedy or drama. There are also romantic comedies and horror, which are selling a lot, with authors like Junji Itō, or more introspective things, like the author Inio Asano. This puts us on a par with very important markets such as France, Spain, Italy and Germany.. Little by little we are reaching that level. The public is very varied. Although before there was more predominance of men, today it is completely balanced. From Japan itself there were demographic divisions, depending on whether the manga is for boys or girls, men or women, etc. But today that was completely diluted because we see that there is an audience of all genres for all themes.

-What is the price range that can be expected to buy a manga at Anime-Con?

-We at Ivrea try to maintain a very limited price policy because our goal is for our publications to reach as many people as possible. If you compare with a traditional book, our stuff is much cheaper and more accessible. We start from prices of $750 onwards for volumes of 200 pages in standard format, up to the most sophisticated editions that can be worth $2,500 or $3,000. But with less than $1,000 you can already buy a tokyo avengersa full metal alchemist or a demon slayer to enter fully into this world.

-What does it mean for you that anime and manga come to La Rural?

-All of us who work on this see the fact that hold an event at La Rural as a consecration because it is the most important, neuralgic and accessible convention center. Getting to have a convention there, that is well received and that can be held year after year is vital to keep this industry healthy. And for us it is also quite an achievement that people from neighboring countries want to come to visit us, just as it happens with the European public who wants to go to the biggest conventions in France or Japan.

Anime-Con will also feature cosplay contests and professional cosplayers.
Anime-Con will also feature cosplay contests and professional cosplayers.

*Anime-Con starts this Friday and runs until this Sunday. In La Rural, Av. Sarmiento 2704, CABA. Friday: from 14 to 22, with tickets from $4,000. Saturday and Sunday: from 12 noon to 8 pm, with tickets starting at $5,000. With the Cultural Pass card there is a 50% discount. Children under 10 years enter free. To know the complete program and all the details, click here.


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