The most anticipated anime in 2022

The culmination of the second season of demon slayer and the next ending of Attack the titans leaves a sort of void within the anime. Both narratives are narrative phenomena that move insiders and outsiders in relation to these adaptations. Hundreds of its viewers have never read the manga and yet they follow in detail what happens in the television format. The second of those stories is likely to follow in a movie or some other extension. Until that is discovered, there is already a list of recommendations to consider.

Suggestions were filtered by the portal Comic Book, specialized in this type of content. In the last five years, anime is one of the narrative genres that has grown the most in the entertainment industry, along with manga. Both formats are related to each other, fostering entire legions of followers who are interested in both ways of telling. Added to this is another key aspect, the globalization of these stories. While before it was depended on a company to buy the distribution rights, through the internet and the platforms of streamingmuch of contemporary anime can be viewed more easily than before.

Another key issue to understand why anime has been growing is the pandemic due to COVID-19. One of the darkest moments in the contemporary history of humanity, led many users to approach narratives that at another time they might not have discovered. They were months of a lot of content through devices. This combination between a health circumstance and the growth of the industry are the reasons why these contents are more relevant.

The anime offer is immense. That is why we share this selection of the next stories that you should take into account if you are interested in the format.

Anime: the best anime stories for this year

Most of the following stories have a futuristic or fantasy focus. It is part of what anime usually offers: narratives that combine different issues, universes that reflect different aspirations or fears of the human being. Several of them are shonens.