The passion for Harry Potter endures and is also lived in the City

Since 10 years was born in Junín a fan club of the famous fantastic saga of JK Rowlings, Harry Potter, that exploded worldwide and did not disappoint in his eight novels. He was even widely celebrated in the movie installments of him.

Ornela Ruggiero, was one of the forerunners of the club, which carried out countless events and activities, as highlighted, “always encouraging reading and the values ​​that Harry Potter has”.

In parallel, the need to facilitate the acquisition of everything related to the saga led her to open her own business, together with her mother, Ana Verano: “Five years ago we started with the venture because the idea was to be a bridge between the things that can only be found in Buenos Aires and Junín, since there were no stores that sold here.”

As he pointed out, in the beginning, he only had “a shoe box, we sold necklaces, bracelets and key rings.”

On May 8, “Sortilegios Fénix” celebrated its fifth anniversary, and they already have a wide variety of books and objects of all kinds. In addition, for the celebration, they held raffles and gave out 5 prizes.

1654440393 659 The passion for Harry Potter endures and is also lived

“Harry Potter is our speciality”

“We have many handcrafted things, things bought, but as for Harry Potter, it is the place with the largest assortment since we were the first”, Ornela tells.

Then, due to the different requests from clients, they added material from other sagas “such as Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, anime, Naruto, Demon Slayer, and so it was expanded.”

In fact, he stressed: “There are people who are surprised by the amount of things we have.”

1654440393 912 The passion for Harry Potter endures and is also lived

“During the pandemic we brought the books that sold a lot despite the fact that there are many bookstores in Junín,” he pointed out and highlighted: “Here we have, if you want advice when choosing, the editions. I am very fanatical and we fans follow and differentiate ourselves by the house or faction of the characters that we follow, ”she highlighted.

At the same time, he clarified that the public is wide and is for adults as well as children.

They are currently working with a specialist to once again have a stock of capes, and add to the accessories, in addition to the costume of the characters: “We have practically everything”Ornela says.