The path of Tomioka, the dog who graduated with honors and broke TikTok with his smile

Tomioka graduated with honors from his first training course and poses in front of his diploma with a smile on his face. (Screenshot)

Finishing school is one of the great achievements that can be achieved in this life, hundreds of hours dedicated to learning something new, doing homework and passing the subjects makes the end of the road rewarding for yourself.

Over the years, new schools and courses have been added, especially for The domestic animalsthat’s where they learn about training and behaving in a certain way in different types of activities.

Such is the case of a dog named Tomiokawho turned viral after he graduated from his course “Private Lessons: Puppy Level 1″ made by pet store Petco. The video was shared through the TikTok platform by its owner Zacil Jimenez and has reached almost 3 million likes in the last few months.

In the images you can see the cross between a German shepherd and a Rottweiler puppy with a surprised face, a smile from ear to ear and his mortarboard, waiting attentively for the instructions of his owner to pose with your graduation diploma in front of him.

As part of the scenery is the honor roll, where it is presumed that Tomioka is at the top of his class. together with Sasha and Bandido, other dogs that took the training course

A cub under a year old named Tomioka graduated from his first training course and went viral on TikTok.

The users of the social network congratulated Tomioka’s achievement and were surprised by his name, since that is the name of one of the characters of one of the most famous animes of recent years, demon slayer.

“Even the dog has already graduated”, “the ‘stay’ face, I melt”, “did you notice that he was no.1 on the honor roll?”, “where is that? I urgently need to take my blessing to kindergarten”, are some of the comments that stand out in the comment box.

Tomioka is one of the characters in the Kimetsu No Yaiba manga series known in the West as Demon Slayer (Photo Kyodo/via REUTERS)
Tomioka is one of the characters in the Kimetsu No Yaiba manga series known in the West as Demon Slayer (Photo Kyodo/via REUTERS)

The influencers Zacil Jimenez Y Donovan Morales They are the owners of Tomioka, who came into their lives at the beginning of this year. The first video that was recorded on their social networks about this dog was on March 6.

It was in that same ‘tiktok’ when they asked their followers about the possible name of the new member of their family, while they shared all the items they had bought for them to make them comfortable at home.

“I have an update on the puppy we adopted. Guys, we have decided to call him Tomioka.”, begins in another video published on March 8 of this year.

As previously mentioned, the dog’s name originates from the Japanese manga series adapted to anime, demon slayerwhich centers on the story of Tanjiro Kamado, a young man who became a demon hunter after his family was ruthlessly murdered by one of these entities.

Throughout this journey to get his “revenge” and purify the world of this evil, he meets various teachers and characters who have the mission of defeating the leader of the demons.

Tomioka is one of the “pillars” that are part of this group dedicated to hunting down demons. and due to his rank he is one of the strongest characters in the story; he is capable of mastering the “breathing of water”, a technique that is regulated through breathing.

The training aims to strengthen the dog's connection with its owner, also helps the pet to adapt to its new environment. (Photo: Benjamin Nolte/dpa)
The training aims to strengthen the dog’s connection with its owner, also helps the pet to adapt to its new environment. (Photo: Benjamin Nolte/dpa)

According to the official Petco portal, dog training aims to strengthen the bond between the dog and its ownerto “ensure that your pup stays physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally happy”.

The training of a dog serves as a cornerstone so that the pet can develop properly within its environment, especially when it integrates into its new family.

Behavior problems are not the product of a poor choice of the animalbut the result of a total ignorance of the development of the dog”, comments Maria Gabriela Gallardo in her thesis for the University of Chile on the analysis of the canine training process.

In other words, this type of course will benefit the relationship you will have with your dog in the future, especially in the psychological aspect of the pet, who after taking the training will be able to better adapt to his new family.