The seduction operation of Top Gun: Maverick in China is a bitter failure

China is notorious for censoring movies and even anime. Knowing this trait, the production of Top Gun: Maverick took the lead in modifying the uniform of Pete Mitchell. Lack of luck, this operation of seduction will be a failure.

Credits: Paramount

A history of flags

We are talking about flags here. Remember that according to the story of Top Gun (1986), Pete (Maverick) Mitchell inherited his favorite jacket from his father. On it, the Taiwanese and Japanese flags are embroidered alongside the American. These emblems were not put there by chance. They represent the countries visited by Maverick’s father. Like any big production, Paramount Pictures aimed to broadcast the sequel to Top Gun in the People’s Republic of China.

Being aware of the strained relations China has with these two countries, Paramount Pictures took responsibility for removing said flags in the trailers. They have been replaced by vague flags resembling them. The American studio thus hoped to escape Chinese censorship. But this will not be enough, since in the film the flags have been maintained. Which was not well received by Chinese netizens. This greatly reduces the chances of the film being screened in China.

At loggerheads

China has a real dislike for everything related to Taiwan. Indeed, Taiwan has considered itself since 1945 as an independent and sovereign state. While China considers Taiwan to be part of its territory. This one-China ideology has even been recognized by the United States and other nations, in an effort to maintain good relations with the Chinese authorities.

Hollywood that stands out

In China, the quota of foreign films is limited to 34. This decision was taken by the Chinese Communist Party, which restricts the distribution of foreign entertainment. As a result, fewer and fewer American productions manage to cross the threshold of Chinese censorship. As an example this year, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness could not be broadcast in China.

The reason given was that one of the scenes furtively showed a newsstand belonging to The Epoch Times. The latter is a profession publishing op-eds against the Chinese government. This did not prevent Doctor Strange from making a worldwide recipe of 749 million euros. But American cinema is not China’s only target. Female characters from the Demon Slayer anime have been “redressed” because their outfits were deemed too bare.