The sleeves. Little books, big stories

Manga (means small book or irresponsible drawings in Japanese) are very easy to read and interesting books. There are sleeves for any taste. Arlen (a reading promoter friend) and a partner (Nashan) introduced me to the world of manga reading. Today they are very popular, they even have adaptations to television and streaming, transforming into Anime. Even in Japan there is a television station that is dedicated solely to broadcasting anime (Tokyo TV) and streaming for the whole world on Crunchyroll. In addition, hundreds of Geek data youtubers from all over the network read, comment and are passionate about all the sleeves that come into their hands. XD (by God)

Manga 1: Naruto

I started with the Naruto manga and so far it was one of my favorites because the story intrigued me and the drawings are detailed and fun. I really like the charisma of the characters and two are my favorites: Jiraiya and Kakashi.

Naruto’s story focuses on the leaf village called Konoha and tells us Naruto’s intention to be a ninja but no matter how hard he tries, he cannot pass the graduation exam. His teacher, Iruka, tells Naruto that he will pass the next exam.

Image source:Photo taken from Wallpaper Madara Uchiha, Pinterest .

A ninja wanted to be the most powerful of all, to achieve this he had to steal a scroll that contained countless techniques to perfect them in a jiffy, so this ninja tricks Naruto, saying that if he gets that scroll he will pass his ninja exams. Naruto rushes to find it and try it out. When he hands the ninja the scroll, the ninja tells him why he wants it if he’s bad at everything. Then Naruto gets upset since he didn’t manage to get hold of those techniques that would make him an exceptional ninja. After finding out that the guy was a traitor, he decided to fight him so that he would release the stolen scroll once and for all. The Konoha ninja realized that there was a fierce battle going on and came to support. Everyone was shocked when Naruto made over 100 copies of himself. A record for his age. The ninjas with the help of Naruto chased the rogue Ninja, but they didn’t find him.

Since Naruto passed the exams, he and his friends -Sasuke and Sakura- are assigned a boring and cheeky teacher named Kakashi. In addition, newly graduated ninjas are assigned easier and less exciting missions such as farming, helping find lost cats, or helping ladies carry groceries.

Naruto is a boy who likes exciting adventures with danger and action, not simple and meaningless ninja missions.

So with his team and his teacher they go directly to the office where the hokage is, who is the person who rules over the entire leaf village. Naruto insults the old Hokage who tells him that he is his superior rank and that as a ninja he has to respect him but Naruto is still very angry with the missions that he has to do.

Kakashi teaches him the ranks of the ninjas. The first is genin who is the beginner like Naruto, the second is chunin who is the rank of Iruka, the professor of Naruto’s academy, the third is jonin who is an elite ninja like Kakashi, they are exceptional ninjas and they are very few. , and the last one is the Hokage. Class C missions are for genin, b are for chunin or jounin, and grade a missions are for jounin or the Hokage himself.

The Hokage was merciful to Naruto by leaving him a grade b mission, and explains that they will have to be the bodyguards of a guest. Naruto is excited, he thinks that she is going to be a beautiful princess, or a feudal lord or some recognized character but he is… A bitter bridge builder.

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Image source: Wallpaper Abyss, Pain,

Manga 2: Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is one of the manga that I have read the most and the one that I liked the most, it tells the story of Tanjiro who is a kind young man who helps his humble family out of poverty. When he is forced to leave his family to sell coal, a powerful demon kills his family and turns Tanjiro’s sister into a monstrous demon. Tanjiro blames himself for the death of his family.

When his sister decides to attack Tanjiro, a very mysterious demon hunter, his name is Giyu Tomioka who shows interest in Tanjiro’s fighting skills quickly defeats Tanjiro and his sister, Tanjiro realizes that Giyu gives him a letter with instructions. so they can go see a guy named Urokodaki.

Tanjiro notices that his sister stops breathing. Tanjiro meets Urokodaki who saves his sister and asks Tanjiro to learn the way of the demon hunter. Tanjiro spends two years with Mr. Urokodaki. He taught him the breaths that are the elemental source of a demon hunter’s power. There are several breaths. Lightning, water, flame, stone, Love, wind, mist, sound. To Tanjiro’s surprise he knows how to breathe water but he can also use a solar call which is extremely rare.

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Image source: Wallpaper Abyss, Kokushivo,

Tanjiro manages to surprise Urokodaki, Urokodaki does one last test to Tanjiro which is to split a rock the size of a house. Desperate Tanjiro takes months but nevertheless fails to split the rock in two. Until he sees two children watching, their names are Sabito and Makomo who help Tanjiro to cut the rock by training and fighting with katanas (Japanese sword, it has an arched blade and is very fragile, but if you know how to use it it is stronger than many swords) until one day Tanjiro cuts Sabito who feels that Tanjiro is ready. Tanjiro then runs to Mr. Urokodaki who prepares a banquet for him for having accomplished that feat. After having trained for many years with Urokodaki, he has to prove his worth in an exam called the final selection, many children and young people come together to try to pass this challenge, the challenge is to be able to reach the goal without being killed by the demons, Tanjiro succeeds pass all the demons without any problem until he meets a demon that has eaten 15 children, this demon explains to us that the more people they eat the stronger demons they are. Tanjiro watches as a child is easily eaten, Tanjiro fights the demon that is covered in hands. The demon realizes that Tanjiro was a student of Urokodaki and it is revealed to us that Sabito and his sister had died thanks to the demon of the hands, both were devoured by the demon, that is, Tanjiro had been talking with ghosts! Tanjiro feels very angry, concentrates and manages to cut the demon’s throat. Tanjiro manages to pass this exam and manages to be the third along with other characters, at this moment Tanjiro is preparing to become a professional Demon Slayer…

I like Demon Slayer because it is comedy, horror, suspense and action at the same time. My favorite character is the demon Kokushibo also known as the upper moon number 1, he has six eyes and a very long sword and he was able to kill almost all the characters. I recommend Demon Slayer for ages 13 and up if you watch it on Netflix, if you watch it on the Crunchyroll platform the whole family can watch it since it censors a lot of the blood that Netflix does teach. Both the anime and the manga are brutally good.

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Image source: UHD Wallpaper, Akaza vs Rengoku 4k.

Manga 3: Promised Neverland

Promised Neverland is one of the most interesting mangas, the most interesting mangas out there, although the interactions of the characters are repetitive, this manga is brutal since what you can’t imagine happens, the story is quite simple, it even seems to be a manga that you can’t there will be some conflict but…

It all starts when Emma, ​​a ten-year-old girl, calls her brothers for breakfast. Emma lives in an orphanage with other children, most of whom are under 9 years old. The smartest are Norman, Ray, Emma. Norman is a boy with a lot of strategy, a big heart and above all he sees the good things in life. Ray is a boy who only thinks about the dark. He swears at everything, he wants to end his life because he says that he is insignificant, he is a pessimist but he is the brightest brain of the three. Emma is a hyperactive girl with a very good heart, she loves to play and is very physically strong. Conny, a girl under 8 years old, is deceived by the caretaker of the orphanage, she tells him that a family came to adopt her that is not coming back, Conny forgets her stuffed rabbit so Emma and Norman go to give it to her when they are about to arrive they find a very suspicious truck, they check and Conny is dead, then the children quickly hide and see the presence of a horrible demon with elongated limbs, measuring 4 to 6 meters. Norman and Emma run out of fear and find Ray who already knows about all this, the three children will have to come up with a plan to save all their siblings. Will they make it?…

manga culture

According to what I have read there are several traditions that we can notice throughout these stories. Religion is something very common, for example, in the Demon Slayer manga we are told that the pillars of the Demon Hunting brotherhood meet to pray to Buddha to give them a victory in each of his battles. In this same manga we are told that the characters who perish in battles are given an offering with a lot of food and the grave is bathed with Sake (it is an alcoholic drink that is drunk a lot in Japan). After the celebration the food is eaten. (It’s like a day of the dead but not as colorful as in Mexico). The art of blacksmithing that all or almost all manga and anime have, are quite particular weapons, such as shurikens, nunchakus, katanas, kunai, etc., they are weapons used in the East. Some beasts in the manga are inspired by legends or gods related to Japanese mythology. Martial arts are not just something of Japan. The manga and anime have very epic fights in which the fighting movements are spectacular, I am going to tell you about the battle of Kyojuro Rengoku (pillar of flame) and Akaza (the third upper demonic moon). Rengoku, who is one of the most powerful pillars, manages to cut off Akaza’s limbs, but this demon has a peculiarity: it regenerates very quickly and also hits with superhuman strength that is very difficult to overcome. Akaza practiced a Martial Art called soryu that made his defense impossible to overcome and his attack deadly, after a long period of time that Akaza played with Rengoku, he pierced his Solar plexus with one hand. The point of all of this is that the characters’ movements aren’t silly, pointless punches, their attacks are Martial Arts-inspired. Before ending this section, I suggest you train a Martial Art, maybe it will not help you to destroy your enemies but it will help you to defend yourself and be at peace with yourself and with others, apart from that you become very strong. I train Tae Kwan Do and I am a black belt and I train with my teacher Ivonne in San Cristobal de Las Casas, if you want to visit us do not hesitate. I feel that manga is both a hobby and a desire but rather an addictive literature.

I Santiago Mena recommend these three sleeves. I think it is quite important to encourage reading with these books. In addition, a lot of culture from other places is encouraged. I want to thank Arlen Espinoza, Alicia and Sofía and lastly my lifelong best friend Nashan Mathiel who introduced me to the world of manga.

Thank you very much for reading me and we will read in the next article, here in Chiapas Paralelo.