The trailer for Vampire in the garden is a mixture of blood and magic

Expected on Netflix next May, the anime produced by the firm and WIT STUDIO will notably be directed by Ryotaro Makihara.

In recent months, Netflix has confirmed its growing interest in anime and can count on popular anime series like naruto, Hunter x Hunter or Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train. Not content with hosting these works, the platform has also embarked on production, as evidenced by the recent 7SEEDS. A way for the firm to place itself in a flourishing market, where Crunchyroll has just become the ultimate paradise for any fan.

A union between a human and a vampire against a backdrop of war

Faced with this strong competitor, Netflix intends to assert its position and the coming months should be an opportunity to remind it, with ever more new features available to subscribers. Among the contents not to be missed, it will be necessary to count on vampire in the garden, an anime directed by Ryotaro Makihara, which has just offered a trailer full of magic and blood. Produced in collaboration with Netflix and WIT STUDIO, this series marks Makihara’s return to directing, the latter having notably worked as a storyboarder on The attack of the Titans (whose finale has been postponed).

On the plot side, the most curious can follow the magical encounter between a young human named Momo and Fine, the queen of vampires. This first trailer therefore allows us to follow Momo, a young girl at the end of her tether in a city on fire and bloodshed. By dropping a music box, she will free a strange woman with long white hair: a vampire by the name of Fine. Very quickly, a fierce war opposes humans and vampires and the two women go in search of Eden, a place where the two races could live together in harmony.

See you in May to discover the outcome

To punctuate what promises to be a long journey strewn with pitfalls, the most attentive will no doubt have recognized the music composed by Yoshihiro Ike (The Empire of Corpses, Hal). The character designs are the work of Tetsuya Nishio, head of animation for the recent The stag king or even of Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence. The latter also works as head of animation, and the artistic direction is handled by Shunichiro Yoshihara (Shingeki no Kyojin, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure). To find out more about the outcome of this story between two universes, you will have to wait until May 16, 2022.