There are four cool Demon Slayer tattoos, courtesy of David Veronesi #AnimeTattoo #FanArt

There are many types of art, and we love to show you different styles of of art.

This time, we’ll be talking about 4 very interesting and great works made by a tattoo artist, who, through his art, shows us incredible creations with an enormous resemblance and impeccable work.

Now, we are about to talk about the work of a boy who lives in Vienna, Austria, and whom we have had the fortune to find through Instagram.

This tattoo artist, named David Veronesi, not only loves his job, but also apparently he is a big fan of the anime world and it has a wide variety of works carried out, which we can see through its user which today has 143 thousand followers.

The first of his 4 works that we will show you today is a tattoo of Tanjiro Kamado.

Where he managed to capture the energy of said character, that energy that we see through each of his battles.

The second, it is about two characters, it is the same Plate, With Zenitsu Agatsuma, who we observe surrounded by lightning and we can see the boys with their swords that have become really characteristic of each one.

The third, of the consent of many, Nezuko Kamado, who is apparently becoming more and more popular in tattoos, and this time we can see her in her attack form, showing her demon side, wearing her traditional clothing, and she looks great.

Finally, in the fourth tattoo, we will be able to see what we believe was the most interesting of the works, since it has 4 characters, the three previously mentioned and adding to Inosuke Hashibira.

This latest work shows the emotions of the characters in an extremely detailed way. A whole piece worth admiring in detail, for how well done his work is.

We will continue to publish attractive works of some tattoo artists, and if these works are to your liking, please let us know, continue on eGames News.