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demon slayer It is considered one of the best anime of recent years. The story created by Koyoharu Gotouge goes hand in hand with the wonderful work of Ufotable. With only two seasons, and one movie, this anime has given us memorable moments that have been loved by an entire community. From Tanjiro’s first confrontation with a demon, through the fight between Rengoku and Akaza, to recent adventures in the Red Light District. It is so here we tell you which are the five best rated chapters of the series on IMDb… so far.

5-. transformation (season two, episode 14) 9.5

After a fierce confrontation between Daki and Tanjiro, everything seemed that our protagonist was about to lose the battle against the Upper Moon Six. However, Nezuko unexpectedly showed up to save her brother from her. Although this is not the first time we see this character fight, it was a surprise to many when the innocent and adorable Nezuko became a domain with a power capable of rivaling the strongest opponents we can find in this world. Along with this, the physical transformation started a series of discussions about the appearance of this teenager.


4-. Defeating an Upper Rank Demon (season two, episode 16) 9.5

Although for a moment it seemed that Tanjiro and company were finally about to defeat Daki and Gyutaro, this battle took an unexpected turn when the demons defeated Tengen, Zenitsu and Inosuke, leaving our protagonist in a very dangerous position. Here not only the animation stands out, but also the way in which all the pieces that have been presented little by little throughout this arc have been connected to bring our protagonists this moment of uncertainty.


3-. Hinokami (season one, episode 19) 9.7

For a long time, Hinokami It was considered the best episode of the series, a recognition that it does deserve. Ufotable’s animation shines and makes it clear that this is one of the most acclaimed studios today. Go Shiina’s music is the perfect companion for one of the most emotional and epic moments in the entire series. when people say that demon slayer is the anime of the decade, they do not refer to its story or characters, but to the artistic aspect that the animation represents. In this way, this episode will be remembered for a long, long time.


two-. Set Your Heart Ablaze (season two, episode seven) 9.7

Originally the climax of the movie MugenTrain, Set Your Heart Ablaze It was the final chapter of the television version of the tape. Once again, Ufotable managed to outdo themselves, and they delivered a fantastic adaptation of the fight between Rengoku and Akaza. Although this confrontation does not exist in the manga, each of the new scenes are extraordinary, making clear the power that exists between these two characters, and making the Pillar of Flames, despite the fact that it was not with us for a long time, became one of the most beloved hunters in demon slayer.


1-. I Will Never Give Up (season two, episode 17) 9.8

Although everything indicated that Daki and Gyutaro had won the battle, Tanjiro, Tengen, Inosuke and Zenitsu managed to get up once more. While Tanjiro and Tengen took on Gyutaro, Zenitsu and Inosuke took care of Daki. The fight was brutal and, to the surprise of many, Ufotable did something that seemed impossible, and they showed us an animation that he even managed to surpass what was seen in Hinokami and mugen trian. Go Shiina’s music once again shines and is wonderfully complemented by the rhythm of the confrontation, and the powers of the Pillar of Sound. First place is an honor more than deserved.