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2022 is behind us but it still reminds us of a large number of anime series that premiered during its 12 months. Which ones had the best opening? users of ranker They chose the first 10.

Chainsaw Man was the protagonist once again

As you surely know, last year the anime industry was really competitive thanks to different series that did not stop surprising from their premiere and until the last chapter of their seasons.

It is because of this that the fight for the best opening became a whole topic. Now, the users of the well-known site ranker They have chosen the 10 musical themes that stood out, so we leave you the list below.

Here you can see it:

  • one. kick backChainsaw Man
  • 2. Zankyou Sankademon slayer
  • 3. The RumblingAttack on Titan
  • Four. Mixed NutsSpy x Family
  • 5. SOUVENIRSpy x Family
  • 6. Naked HeroRanking of Kings
  • 7. oneMob Psycho 100
  • 9. datencall of the night
  • 10. Ya Boy Kongming!chitty chitty bang bang

Here we leave you the best opening of the list:

As you could see, the first place was taken by Chainsaw Manwhich offered the theme kick backplayed by Kenshi Yonezu, and which was very well received by all the followers of Denji and Pochita.

Also, second place went to demon slayer with Zankyou Sanka of Aimer, the lively theme that accompanied the interesting adventures of Tanjiro and Tengen Uzui in the red light district.

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Secondly, The Rumblingplayed by SiM, got third place for all the fans of Attack on Titan be satisfied.

What do you think of this list chosen by the users of ranker? Do you agree? Tell us in the comments.

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