They create a law that forces manga creators and Vtubers to reveal their identity

It is clear that Japan does not beat around the bush, and in terms of privacy it is no exception, since this is an issue that the Japanese country takes very seriously and that is why it is always looking for new ways for its creators make everything clear, so if you are one of the many fans of the manga, you have seen it firsthand.

So as some of the industry’s most popular creators protect themselves with pseudonyms and many more hide their faces to avoid public notoriety, and this type of personal privacy has expanded to anime creators and vtubers in recent years, but now it seems that a new law in Japan is jeopardizing this security that they seek.

You see, according to a recent report by ANN, Japan is looking to review invoices online at the Ministry of Finance, so this measure will come into force next October, and it will be mandatory for anyone submitting payment invoices to use their name. legal. The ministry currently accepts pseudonyms, but that will change next fall as the new system will collect legal names in a public database.

And you will ask yourself, what is the problem?… well, recently, the Ministry of Finance clarified doubts about the change of invoice and addressed industries that frequently use pseudonyms, so according to the ministry, revealing the legal name of a person is not considered “high risk personal information”so this proposal will not consider other identification options.

Apparently the ministry briefly considered using addresses or phone numbers for bill submission, but opted to use legal names instead, so no revisions are now planned for this bill revision, and critics are upset with good reason.

The change disregards individual privacy, and creators have come to appreciate their anonymity, which is a similar case with several popular Vtubers, who keep their identities secret to maintain the illusion of their avatar, and manga creators. popular, pseudonyms allow them to live a normal life.

So creators like Tsugumi Ohba (Death Note), Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell), Koyoharu Gotouge (Demon Slayer) and more live in peace with pseudonyms, but now, if that privacy is removed, fans can expect major changes. in the manga industry, because we don’t know what decision the creators make.