They filter collectibles from ‘One Piece Film Red’ exclusive to Cinépolis

If you enjoy sailing the seven seas, you should have ‘One Piece Film Red’ on your radar, a film with which Luffy will return to the screen. And to accompany this movie as it should, check out these exclusive Cinépolis collectibles.

The world of collecting can range from a stamp or coin, to luxurious automobiles and eccentric objects, but within this vast world, movie promos where you can eat your popcorn or drink your favorite soft drink are widely accepted in our country. If you like anime in the style of Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer or The Knights of the Zodiac, keep in mind that One Piece Film Red It is shortly to be released, for this reason the collectibles with which Cinépolis will seek to pamper the Luffy fandom have been leaked.

According to the Twitter account of Movie glasses and collectiblesa user I agree for being correct in each of his leaks regarding promotional films such as Thor: Love and Thunder, Minions: A Villain is Born, Black Adam or Black Panther: Wakanda Forever; on this occasion he revealed how the glasses and the pigeonhole of One Piece Film Red.

Movie glasses and collectibles

The former would cost 109 Mexican pesos and according to the first leaked images, the glasses would have the main characters of the film completely decorating this piece. On the other hand, there is also a palomera that repeats the formula in terms of design, but in price… it really seeks to help our pockets because it would cost 69 pesos.

Despite the fame that this account has gained among collectors, we must mention that, until now, Cinépolis has not confirmed that it is really going to launch these items and of course, much less its price. If it becomes a reality, they would undoubtedly be one of the cheapest promotional items in recent months, nothing compared to the bust of Lightyear that came to exceed two thousand pesos in Mercado Libre, complete madness!

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Movie glasses and collectibles

Keep on your radar the premiere of One Piece Film Red to know the new adventures of Luffy next November 3. Meanwhile you can get ready for the terrifying premiere of The Devil’s Light, Lilo, Lilo, Crocodile, Explosive Menace and of course, BARD, False Chronicle of a Few Truths.