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One of the most popular anime in recent years is without a doubt demon slayer[/i] ([i]Kimetsu no Yaiba), which premiered its second season at the end of last year and left all fans wanting to see more. It is because of this that it has just been announced when the first trailer for the third part will be seen.

The new season is expected to arrive in early 2023

As you will surely remember, the second season of the anime spanned the Entertainment District Arc, where we saw Tanjiro and company take on some really tough enemies. Now, it’s time to see the continuation in the story with the Swordsmith Village Arc.

Several months have passed since the premiere of the second season and now those responsible for the anime confirmed that it will be on December 10 when all those interested can find out what awaits them in the new chapters.

Here you can see it:

According to the information shared in the tweet, Fuji TV will have special programming dedicated to demon slayer on the date mentioned (which will include the film MugenTrain) to end with news about the third season of the anime.

Thanks to this, fans already know for sure when they will be able to see the first trailer of the new chapters that promise a lot, so you better cross your fingers so that a release date is also announced that day.

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We remind you that the new season will show Tanjiro traveling to the Blacksmith Village, all to ask if he can get a new sword after his was destroyed in the last battle.

We will continue pending to share any news about it. In the meantime, you can follow all the news related to Demon Slayer at this link.

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