This is how Demon Slayer characters would be if they lived in our world

Have you imagined the world of Demon Slayer if demons did not exist? In such a world, maybe our favorite protagonists they could have a new life and new opportunities to live as normal teenagers. If you had never considered it, a Reddit user did, and even drew it for us. The result, how could it be otherwise, has been precious and reshape you.

Illustrations were posted by Reddit user tobi_akatsuki9However, with a little research we have found that Its creator has been the Twitter user @Uminonokoriga, who also has a account in Pixiv where we can see the rest of his work. In the images we can see some very changed Tanjiro y Tsuguko, Zenitsu y Nezuko, and Aoi e Inosuke; each partnering with another character in a very romantic way.

A facet of Demon Slayer that we had not seen

Each of the scenes transmits a very special aura, and added to the colors used by Uminonokoriga, give a very summery air but it is also perfect and warm for these autumn times. Of course, Reddit users they didn’t take long to give him a story to each of the bullets:

Tanjiro: «Here, do you want to taste the green tea? It’s really nice!”

Zenitsu: «Let’s go Nezuko-chan ~! Today I’m going to spoil you! “


U / Jaanzi

Demon Slayer is very close to premiering its second season, and not only this, but the franchise has just seen today launching your game Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Hinokami Chronicles. If you still don’t have enough of this fun anime, you should take a look at your game more recent, where we can also see the demon Rui, one of the Doce Kizuki.