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While the second season of Demon Slayer Characterized by the arc adaptation of the Entertainment District, the latest episode of the anime has revealed a piece of quite important information related to the mysterious breath that Tanjiro possesses.

During the first minutes of this episode we could see Tanjiro chat with Shinjuro, Kyojuro’s father, who has revealed that the main character’s mysterious breathing is related to the sun, and power is the original of all the techniques we see in this episode. world. Secondly, the hanafuda earrings that Tanjiro owns are related to a group of demon hunters who thought they were lost.

However, and as manga readers surely already know, this will surely be the only mention of this breath in season two. The Entertainment District arc is not so focused on the mystery of the sun’s breath, but future stories touch on this more deeply. Thus, anime fans will have to wait some time before having more information about it.

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Editor’s Note:

The breath of the sun is something that has a greater importance as the story of Demon Slayer comes to an end, but at the moment this is just a small sample of what we will see in the anime in the future. Let’s just hope season three isn’t that far off.

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This is the meaning of Tanjiro arts

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