This is what the cover of the Dragon Ball manga looks like illustrated by the author of Demon Slayer

If we make a list of the best sleeves, surely there are many that will surpass Dragon Ball. However, that is something that cannot be compared because the work of Akira Toriyama was the forerunner that introduced millions of fans to the wonderful world of anime.

So, many of today’s manga authors idolize the sensei creator of Goku, Vegeta, Find, Gohan and the rest of the Z warriors. Even the great majority of the excellent illustrators who today shine with their own light, state that some of their characters are based on the members of the Toriyama universe.

Then, in an initiative to pay tribute to Akira Toriyama while he was alive, the Shueisha publishing house called on the illustrators of the moment to design 42 Dragon Ball covers, from the point of view of each one’s own creativity.

Thus, Koyoharu Gotoge gave up for a moment the colors he ran on Plate, the magic that he gave to Nezuko or the intensity it gave to Inosuke, to design the cover of number 32 of Dragon Ball.

According to the information it publishes IGN I’m flyingBefore the design made by the creator of Kimetsu No Yaiba, similar works had already been made by the author of Bleach, Tite Kubo. Also participating were Masashi Kishimoto, author of Naruto and Tatsuki Fujimoto, creator of Chainsaw Man.

Dragon Ball in the mind of Demon Slayer

The creator of Demon Slayer got the number 32 of Dragon Ball, which has on its cover Bulma with her baby Trunks and her same son in the version of the future. All three characters are aboard a Capsule Corporation flying car as the androids saga unfolds.

In the case of the creation of Koyoharu Gotoge for the initiative of the publisher based on the above described, something similar was done, but very much in his style.

First, he took out Bulma’s dad’s company car and added the one missing from this family: Vegeta. The drawing of the characters, well in the traditional style for the strokes, shows larger eyes. In addition, in the case of colors there are softer and lighter reliefs, respecting the ranges of the particular hair that Bulma and the two Trunks have.

At the top they detail that it is the tribute to the 40th anniversary of Dragon Ball and specify that this is only the sixth of the 42 that they will carry out until they reach the true 40th birthday of the iconic manga.

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