This Kimetsu No Yaiba Iguro Cosplay Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

It is one of the most relevant Pillars in the final fight against Muzan.

After two seasons and a film that have been a real success, we must remember that Demon Slayers or Kimetsu No Yaiba (according to the language) is a story already closed due to the fact that the manga ended a long time ago, which leads us to know firsthand more about the characters that in the anime have only shown an outline of what they will be in the future.

An example of this we can see as Kagaya Ubuyashiki and the reason why he has that mark on his face, while we also know more about Obanai Iguro, the serpent’s breath pillar that he will have a fundamental role in the rest of the series despite the fact that in the end of season 2 of the anime we have only seen him saying that he was late for the fight.

Obanai Iguro is one of the key characters in Tanjiro’s story and in the fight against Muzan’s demons.

Obanai Iguro Demon slayer

Obanai Iguro talking to the other Pillars

In this way, although the fans of the anime will not know anything about this character, those of the manga seem to have a certain devotion to their own development, this being something that you also do if you know where to continue the plot of the anime in the manga. And it is that, without going too much into the field of spoilers, this pillar is one of the great fighters within the Demon Slayer Corps despite not having great physical strength.

And despite all this, there are Kimetsu No Yaiba fans who even perform Obanai Iguro cosplaythis being an example that we have been able to see with the Instagram user known as dis2non, a cosplayer who has several recreations of anime and manga characters and who, at the same time, has done the same with this pillar.

Having said all this, it must be remembered that it is expected that The third season of Kimetsu No Yaiba will premiere in a few months, since with the end of the second we could see its trailer, which will take us to the Aldea de los Herreros. Without further ado, you can see the cosplay below:

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