This new anime about transexuality creates a huge scandal

Scheduled to be released at the start of the year, an anime dealing with transidentity is already at the heart of a controversy among fans.

A new anime to follow for 2023

After a year 2022 full of twists and turns, marked among other things by the phenomenon Blue Lockthe sensational arrival of chain saw manthe second part of the last season of SNKor the great return of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure2023 is set to generate a festival of emotions among Japanese anime fans.

We will have the particular pleasure of following the season 3 of Demon Slayerthe last part of theattack on titanor season 2 of Vinland Saga. The more curious among you might even be interested in another anime, which has just been released — Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister!

Powered by Studio Bind, whose work on Mushoku Tensei has been recognized by all, this shōnen adaptation of the eponymous manga follows the adventures of Mahiro Oyama, a young otaku who wakes up one day as a little girl following a scientific incident. Obviously upset by this change, the protagonist will have to reconcile his transidentity with the difficult framework of schooling.

Fans angry at anime’s tone

More than 30 years after the first broadcast of Ranma 1/2whose protagonist transformed into a woman in contact with cold water, it seems that this new attempt to deal with a subject as heavy as that of transexuality leaves fans perplexed.

By viewing the opening of the series, they were several not to have appreciated the humorous tone that emerges from the proposed sequences by the animation studio, with in particular an aspect ecchi (sexualization of the characters) deemed indecent.

Defenders of the LGBTQIA+ community have spoken out against this way of presenting things. “That’s not what we meant when we were talking about cross-identity representation in anime!”for example expressed a user in a widely commented tweet.

Always sensitive, the subject of the recognition of transsexuality is a fight carried by many people in society. The path is still long.