This would be League of Legends combined with Demon Slayer

The League of Legends Community Is unique in the world. We always see some of its users mentioned in different portals. And it is not for less since they always surprise us with different contents. From cosplay until fan artgoing through those videos that we might think have come out of Riot Games.

It is not the first time that we see how some users try to combine some anime with the Riot MOBA. And this time they have recovered that idea to mix the opening video of the second arc of the second season of Kimetsu no Yaiba (demon slayer) with various video game champions. The result has been magnificent and this has been reflected by several people on YouTube.

Demon Slayer and League of Legends?

The person in charge of presenting this work to us has been Jordinari. It is not the first time that she surprises the community, she already did it with another video in which she showed us how Lillia was leaving “camp«. Well, this time he presents us with this opening that has left everyone speechless. We see several champions like sett, Yasuo, Teacher Yi or Olaf as protagonists.

Some users have highlighted that the champions have been chosen perfectly. Sett as Tengen Uzui, a character who seeks attention and flashiness, and the trio that always “intea» the games: Yasuo as Tanjiro, Master Yi as Zenitsu and Olaf as Inosuke. Several point out that they have been chosen perfectly since although they usually tryas soon as they reach their peak of power they are capable of destroying anyone who gets in front of them.

We will see what this user surprises us with in the future. What is clear is that the community was waiting for a video without any interest and they found a video up to the best.

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