Tokyo 2020: Demon Slayer steals the closing ceremony

The closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was absent from anime and Nintendo almost throughout. Until Demon Slayer came along.

More than four years ago, when Japan received the courier as the future host of the Olympic Games scheduled to take place in 2020, the expectation skyrocketed.

The appearance of beloved characters from Japanese popular culture, such as Goku and Super Mario at the slightest provocation for years made us think that we would see them at every moment in this sporting event.

The authorities will deploy an artificial intelligence system to avoid congestion and facilitate the journeys of attendees during the Olympic games.

Maybe that was the original idea, who knows. But the reality is that during practically all that these games lasted there were very few or no moments of appearance of these characters from different manga and anime.

This August 8, 2021, the closing ceremony of the games was finally held and for a long time the viral complaint is that Super Mario was nowhere to be seen. Until there was a surprise …

Tokyo 2020 se pone otaku

Messages like those above were the most common during the opening minutes of the closing ceremony of the Olympics. But then there was a moment of just a few seconds where expectations were met in a way.

And it is that during a brief segment of the ceremony a showy choreography of gurenge, the official theme of the opening theme of the fashion anime. That today has the largest box office premiere in history with his film.

Obviously we are talking about Kimetsu no Yaiba, better known as Demon Slayer, the franchise that blew up the internet with this emotional moment at the end:

LiSA’s original theme was performed by the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, and as might be expected, it has been a matter of minutes for the videos of the performance to begin to be removed from Twitter and other social networks.

However, those who had the fortune to see him took charge of turning Demon Slayer into a viral phenomenon where until now they keep talking of his fleeting participation in Tokyo 2020.

This detail in the closing is the perfect pretext to see and enjoy the opening again: