Tokyo 2020: Opening of Demon Slayer concluded the closing ceremony

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has experienced a success story like few before. The hit series is one of the manga top sellers in Japan these days, and their anime has broken countless records to date.

This means that Tanjiro is easy to spot in most places, and that includes the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. If you didn’t know, the event came to an end this weekend in Japan, and all eyes were on the closing ceremony as such.

Netizens were curious if the final comments would be as strange as the opening, and for the most part they were true. But towards the end, the live band at the ceremony shook things up with a rendition of the main theme song from the anime “Gurenge” which is famous for Demon Slayer singer LiSA. Below we share more information about her.

Was Demon Slayer heard in Tokyo 2020?

Yes, you read that right. LiSA’s song “Gurenge” has been given a makeover by the Japanese jazz music band, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, at the 2020 Olympics. The moment was truly epic for anime fans and you can see a bit of it thanks to the Twitter user Ellis4K.

Fans of the Kimetsu no Yaiba anime were happy to hear the single even if it was remixed, but some fans wish LiSA had been there to perform. Unfortunately, the event restrictions for COVID-19 could have prevented the concert, and you also have to consider the timing of the Japanese singera.

What happened to the Japanese singer LiSA?

Photo: LiSA and her husband Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Previously, The Truth Newss reported that they accuse the husband of the singer LiSA of infidelity and the scandal is still in force at the time of writing. Her husband is the seiyuu and member of the musical band OLDCODEX, Tatsuhisa Suzuki.

The anime of Kimetsu no Yaiba disponible en Crunchyroll, is set to premiere its season 2 in fall 2021 and a great return is expected from LiSA performing the musical themes. Something similar happened with Suzuki, who has now canceled your presentation with OLDCODEX to interpret the main theme of the película Free! The Final Stroke in September.

If you didn’t know, both singers paused this month for an indefinite period. This decision was made after reports emerged that Tatsuhisa was seen with another woman. The infidelity allegations are still being processed in Japan and fans of Demon Slayer’s LiSA wish the best for her right now. Did you like listening to Gurenge in Tokyo 2020?

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