‘Tokyo Revengers’ season 2 premiere confirmed for 2023

The new preview of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ confirmed that the Liden studio will adapt one of the best arcs and fights of the Tokyo Manji in the manga

As we are in the month of strongest releases in the anime scene on Crunchyroll, remember that we are stuck on weekends to My Hero Academia, Spy x Family, Blue Lock, and on Tuesdays to Chainsaw Man, Liden Films did not want October will go unnoticed in their jobs and released the first trailer for the second season of tokyo avengerscreation of Ken Wakui.

Tokyo Revengers, for those who have not been able to see or read it, tells how Takemichi becomes obsessed with traveling back in time to save his girlfriend Hinata from being killed by Tokyo Manji., the most dangerous gang in the capital of Japan led by Mikey and Draken. Remember that the first season ended with the death of Baji, Takemichi is named leader of the first division and when he thought that everything had been fixed, Kisaki gags him and shoots him.

We will finally know what happened after that blow, because Liden Films today announced that the second season will premiere in January 2023. They are not afraid of Attack on Titan, who will return with the third part of his farewell on those dates, according to what has been advanced on social networks. Jujutsu Kaisen is another favorite that will surely be stolen next year.

The new chapters will adapt the Christmas conflict arc, the favorite of many manga readers, focused on the fight between the Tokyo Manji and the 10th generation of the Black Dragons. Hakkai Shiba joins the Dragon Gang just to protect Takemichi and come up with a plan to defeat Taiju Shiba on Christmas Eve. The result is quite a violent battle and conspiracy.


Taiju is the leader of the Black Dragons.

What the fans are celebrating is that the voice of the wretch of Taiju is Tomokazu Sugita, the same actor who plays Gyomei Himejima in demon slayer, the same demon hunter who bears the title of the Pillar of the Rock. Mikako Komatsu, the very Mika in Jujutsu Kaisen, will have the responsibility of being Yuzuha Shiba, the sister of Taiju. What remains for us to wait for is to know a little more about the opening from season two of Tokyo Avengers.