‘Tokyo Revengers’: The current anime sensation portraying violent gangs

We are in days where the phenomenon of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ begins to expand: the best-selling manga, the most watched anime this season and, best of all, is that its author is telling a story that has really lived in the Japanese gang.

The fascination for Tokyo Revengers it is impossible to stop, much less when we find out the background of all this history full of hand-to-hand brawls, pickets, crimes and constant revenge between gang members Japanese are much more attached to reality than fiction, because the creator, Ken Wakui, was part of this world at one stage of his life, so if you are already bored of waiting for the second season of Demon Slayer, better shake off your leisure and get into this plot but now!

This type of shonen is highly valued by our otaku community in Mexico, which also has among its favorites Baki and Kengan Ashura, two Netflix productions that may not be so realistic, but whose fights are reminiscent of action movies and martial arts legends like Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and the entire entourage from 30 years ago who solved conflicts with sheer power in his fists and legs, just as Shang-Chi will do in next week’s theatrical debut.

Returning to Tokyo Revengers, there was hardly a conversation that they had with the mangaka a few years ago, and it is natural that it has hardly been translated, since the information in the Noipón language travels a bit slow, where he expressed that in his youth belonged to the yankii counterculture, in a moment we will tell you what this urban tribe is about: “I joined because I was in a bad mood “, he told Le Monde, “so I wanted to talk about the times of the furyo, bands that acted to defend and represent values ​​and principles, not to display their economic power as is currently done,” he added.

The French newspaper recapitulates that Wakui was expelled from school and ended up working in a bar, but his time as a gang member was quite romanticized by the idea above, “It was a fashion and a matter of appearances, if we fought it was against others furyo due to marked differences and we never attacked students or civilians, with whom we were respectful and supportive, “he added to the French portal. As a result of seeing the light of this interview, the fans investigated more on the internet and the theory arose that he could belong to the Black EmperorWell, they found a photo where he would be posing with the uniform.

Somos Kudasai

The Tokyo Manji Gang is the protagonist of the story.

Nowyou yankii they are a community of rebels who refuse to follow conservative norms and values, wear leather jackets, dress in uniform and often ride motorcycles, a vehicle that was adopted as the radical form of transportation for gangs in the 1970s, when the movement began bosoku, bikers fascinated with tuning and gang activity. Regularly These groups are formed in high school and last for years, but they do not meddle in organized crime, like the yakuza.

Tokyo Revengers tell how Takemichi, a young man with the ability to travel through time, goes back to his high school days to prevent the paths of the Tokyo Manji Gang, led by Mikey and Draken, from separating and thus avoid the death of his girlfriend Tachibana HinataThe downside is that maintaining the brotherhood between the two leaders is not enough to change the future. The anime is available on Crunchyroll and is one of the most watched since it premiered on April 11, not to mention that manga is now the best-selling and published in Japan with more than 32 million, even above Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man, the most popular so far.

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This is how the characters look in the live action film.

The fury went much further and the live-action Tokyo Revengers, an absolute success in the cinemas of his country of origin: 35 million dollars raised!, according to information from Box Office Mojo, and the most exciting thing is that the critic supports her, those who have already seen it have said that the characters are developed correctly, what was said in by Wakui and Allows viewers to get acquainted with the atmosphere even if they are fans of the manga and anime.

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We are not nerds

Tokyo Revengers has been censored in the West for a symbol.

Come on, even a play, a common adaptation in Japan, they have made it, like My Hero Academia, to mention the most recent. Like all anime, the story of the Tokyo Manji has also suffered censorship in its exhibition for the West, so far we only know of the famous case of the sauastika removed from gang uniforms for being very similar to swastika, easily linked to the Nazi party of Adolf Hitler, from there on out we have the dose of blows, blood and travel in the time necessary to continue clinging to the premieres of its weekly chapters.