‘Tokyo Revengers’: When and at what time does season 2 premiere on Star Plus?

The Star Plus platform confirmed that season 2 of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ will be released in its catalog these same days and here we tell you what you should know prior to the return of the Tokyo Manji Gang

If you are part of the community that has not found out that season 2 of Tokyo Revengers will not premiere on Crunchyroll as happened with its first part, once and for all we tell you that they will need star plus to see the continuation of the anime adapted from Ken Wakui’s controversial manga. Another of the animations that you can see on this platform are Bleach, Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall and Tatami: Time Machine Blues.

The change came about the intention of the mouse company of distributing japanese cartoons given the success of its competitors such as HBO Max with Your Name or Netflix, One Punch Man, among others. So the new chapter will be released on the sister service of Disney Plus only for Latin America. In star plus you can also see The Simpsons, Family Guy and Futurama, part of their adult animation bar.

Season 1 Finale Recap

If you don’t remember where Tokyo Revengers ended, here we tell you: after Baji’s death, Mikey makes an alliance with Valhalla to increase his force to 450 Toman gang members to avenge his fallen partner. The leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang recruits Kisaki, and Takemichi realizes that his tragic vision would come true.. Mikey would become a thug and his girlfriend will never be resurrected.

Due to Baji’s loss, Chifuyu chooses Takemichi as head of the first division, a decision that makes the chosen one happy because that way he can be the leader of the Toman and save Hina. As Takemichi was able to come and go from the future, upon his return to the present it is revealed that he works for a company where Kisaki ambushes him, puts a bullet in the leg and the season culminates with another lead. whose fate is unknown.


Star Plus will premiere season 2 of the anime

When does season 2 premiere?

The arc that star plus will be premiering for Latin America will be the Christmas conflict, focused on the fight between Tokyo Manji and the 10th generation of the Black Dragons. Hakkai Shiba joins the dragon gang just to protect Takemichi and have a plan to defeat Taiju Shiba on Christmas Eve. The result is a rather violent battle and conspiracy, worthy of a carnage as seen in Jujutsu Kaisen or Demon Slayer. This Saturday, Tokyo Revengers will release its sequel.