Toonami Shares New Trailer For Original Anime Horror Series

In 2022, Toonami has already released an original anime series in anime shenmue and plans to release a new version of one of the biggest horror franchises in the anime genre in Junji Ito’s Uzumaki. To help celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Cartoon Network’s programming block, not only has Toonami announced that it’s resurrecting the classic anime franchise, FLCLwith two new seasons, but he also took the opportunity to create a new horror series in Housing Complex Cwith a new trailer arriving after the major announcement.

The horror genre is one that hasn’t been heavily represented in the anime world, though that’s set to change later this year with Junji Ito’s upcoming anime adaptation. Although Ito himself has been responsible for some major anime contributions in the past, including The Junji Ito Collection and Gyo, there have been a few attempts to delve into the creepier side of animation. While not necessarily considered outright horror, series such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho and Demon Slayer dove headfirst into the supernatural and introduced enemies that could often make anime fans’ skin crawl due to their twisted appearances and dastardly goals.

Toonami took the opportunity to share the new Housing Complex C trailer on his official Facebook page, giving fans a quick first look at the upcoming series set to be hosted by Akatsuki, whose previous works include the likes of Clockwork Planet, Chain Chronicle and Tribe Nine to name a few:

Housing Complex C

Trouble seems to follow Kimi wherever she goes. What evil horror awaits us in “Housing Complex C,” an original series directed by Yuji Nara with an original script and concept of amphibians, and the animation studio is Akatsuki!

posted by Toonami Thursday, March 17, 2022

The official description of Housing Complex C from Toonami reads as such:

“Trouble seems to follow Kimi wherever she goes. What evil horror awaits “Housing Complex C”, an original series directed by Yuji Nara with an amphibian original scenario and concept, and the animation studio is Akatsuki!”

As the anime continues to grow in popularity, one of the reasons Toonami is turning to more original anime content is that the license price of some big names in the Shonen world has become more expensive, with the second season of demon slayer not arriving on the programming block for this very reason.

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